Britmums Live 2015 – Why I would like to go and how you can help

When I first started blogging back in 2011 I had no idea about what I was doing.  I simply wanted to write about family life in the form of an online diary.  I had some basic computer skills and knowledge of social media but it quickly became apparent that I would need to improve these skills.   I also had no idea what that there was a blogging community or that blogging was increasing in popularity. 

Over the first six months I tentatively started writing and as I did so discovered some online blogging forums where I could post if needed help.  Through these forums I learnt about Britmums and other blogging communities.  These have proved to be source of information and support that has been invaluable.  I’ve also meet some lovely fellow bloggers through the communities who I am pleased to call friends now.  So when the opportunity to meet them in person has arisen I have jumped at the chance.  Two of these occasions have been the last two years at Britmums Live.  

As well as been a opportuntiy to meet up with fellow bloggers and friends, Britmums Live provides the opportunity to attend sessions across a two-day period where you can learn and build on skills.  There is the opportunity to meet brands and inspirational individuals too.   I have to admit I was so nervous the first year I attended but came away feeling inspired to take my blogging further.  Then last year I came away feeling refreshed and buzzing with ideas, some of which I am still developing.   Attending Britmums Live the last two years has also helped me build my confidence again, I’m immensely proud of myself for taking Erin (who was 1 yr the first year I attended) on the five-hour train journey on my own and then for making the same journey last year without her! Quite a big step for someone who hadn’t left her children previously but something that benefited us all.

I would love to attend this years Britmums Live to continue gaining new skills and developing existing ones.  To help me attend I am looking for a sponsor or sponsors,  I know this is a big ask but I’m hoping is one that someone can help with.  I am looking to for help with:

. Britmums Live ticket – £95

. Return Train ticket – Approx £90

. Accommodation for one night – Approx £150-£200

In return for sponsorship I am offering the following in return:

. Post introducing you as my Britmums Live Sponsor/s for 2015

. Ad in my sidebar as my sponsor/s for Britmums live 2015

. All tweets/posts about Britmums Live 2015 will include my sponsor/s

. I will talk to friends/bloggers about my sponsor/s during the event

. A post Britmums Live post including my sponsor/s

. Footer on my email introducing my sponsor/s

I am also happy to discuss any other requirements you feel would be beneficial to you as a sponsor/s.

Thank you for taking the time to read, if you think you could help please do get in touch by emailing me at

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