Disney on Ice – Magical Ice Festival, an afternoon of Disney fun

A fortnight ago we were invited to go along and watch a performance of Disney on Ice – Magical Ice Festival in Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena.   I’m a huge Disney Fan and it’s rubbed off on the children, especially Erin so we were incredibly excited about the show. 

We were going to the 3pm showing so set off just after 10am to make the two-hour journey, we planned to have some lunch before heading to the Motorpoint Areana.  The journey took a little longer than usual due to road works and then there we hit problems parking in the capital.  But we quickly found an alternative place to park and headed into the city centre to get some lunch.  

With full tummies we had some time to spare so decided to split up and do a little shopping, Dad of 3 and the boys headed off to their favourite model shop while myself and Erin headed to the Disney Store.  What I hadn’t counted on was how busy the Disney Store would be so busy!  We quickly found what we were looking for and realised the queue for the tills reached back to the entrance of the store!  Checking the time I realised we had an hour until the show and we still needed to collect our tickets.  I just hoped the queue would move quickly!

Thankfully it did and after a 20 minute wait we had been served and waited for the others to join us.  Five minutes later they appeared and we headed off to the venue.  There was a large crowd gathering outside as we approached but the queue to get in seemed to be moving well.  We found the Box Office were I was to collect our tickets and we made our way to our seats.   We were lucky enough to have some fantastic seats right in the middle of the stage and about half way up the block of seating. 

We had about ten minutes until the show started so I went to buy some popcorn for the children to share.  I had been warned that the refreshments were expensive so had taken some drinks and crisps with us.  But Trystan wanted a snow cone drink as he didn’t like the ones I had taken with us.  So reluctantly I went and bought one with the popcorn, they weren’t cheap I can tell you, £10 for the snow cone drink and £8 for the popcorn!  There was also a slightly different snow cone which was a little more expensive and also candy floss on sale too.  Along with stalls selling t-shirts, toys, baseball caps and the chance to have photographs taken.  I also decided not to buy a programme too because although I would have loved one I felt £10 was rather steep!  

Then it was time for the show to start, the lights went out and the curtain up!  The skaters came out with their opening song, costumes full of colour and lots of enthusiasm which was infectious, we found ourselves clapping and cheering along with the rest of the audience.   Mickey and Minnie Mouse appeared and Erin was thrilled, she was so excited to see two of her favourite characters. 

The show was split into four sections, The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast and Frozen, with a fifteen minute interval in the middle.   All in all it last two hours, an hour and forty five minutes of pure Disney fun and enjoyment.  I kept glancing over to dad of 3 and the younger two to see if they were enjoying as much as I and the older two were.  The younger two’s faces were fantastic, they were mesmerised by the show. 

little mermaid

The Little Mermaid

Did I have a favourite bit?  It’s so hard to pin point one particular thing, I loved Beauty and the Beast, one of my favourite Disney films.  But all of the sections were superb, they each were true to the storylines and films.  The skaters were fantastic and the costumes added to the magic.  The whole family had a fantastic time at the show and would highly recommend it to anyone.  It’s a truly lovely family experience and one we are still talking about two weeks on. 

Over the course of the show I took 193 photographs!  Narrowing it down to show you some has been a challenge, as so many great ones but I’ve choosen four from each section to give you a taste of what you can expect. 



beauty and the beast

Beauty and The Beast




disney on ice

Disney on Ice – Magical Ice Festival

Honestly if you get the chance to go, then do so.  I think this week is the last week of the tour so be quick!  If not get yourselves tickets to the next Disney on Ice show as it’s bound to be a fantastic show!  You can find more information by visiting here


Disclaimer:  We were given tickets to the show for the purpose of this review, however the content is 100% my own.

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