My most valued possessions

Last week I was asked what my most valued possessions were, it’s a question I’ve been thinking about over the last few days.  It’s something I’ve given a lot of thought too and I’ve realised that to me its physical possessions that I value most and of course my children and family. 

I lost my grandparents in a short space of time about seven years ago.  It was a difficult time for us all as a family but I slowly realised that I will always have my memories of times spent with them.  Along with my memories I am lucky enough to have photographes, trinkets and even pieces of furniture that were theres.  These all help to keep the memories alive for me.   Around the same time I lost my paternal grandmother, my father in-law and grandfather in-law also died.  I know from conversations dad of 3 and myself have had that like me some of his valued and treasured possessions. 

grandparents and meAt the beginning of the year I was looking through photographs at my parents house when I came across the photograph above.  It’s one of the few photographs of my paternal grandfather with me.  Sadly he died not long after the photograph was taken and I never had the chance to get to know him.  My mother and paternal grandmother are also in the photograph, it’s a picture I knew I would like to have a copy of.  So that’s just what I did and it has now been framed and displayed where I can see it daily.   Then the stool below is a traditional Welsh Stool which belonged to my paternal grandmother and something I treasure, it may seem silly to some but I like having things that belonged to my grandparents.

welsh stool

In addition to the possessions we have that keep the memory of our grandparents and parent alive there are a few other things that I would include as valued possessions.  These would be photographs of my children, my wedding album and wedding ring and a few ornaments and pictures I have bought myself over the years.  Dad of 3 would probably include his statues that he has collected and his collection of Amiga computers.

These are things that to us are irreplaceable which is part of the reason they are valued possessions to us along with sentimental value.  So what would be do if something happened to them?  Well to be honest I’m not sure, we have contents insurance like many so that would help but some of our valued possessions can’t be replaced although we would still have our memories.

What are your valued possessions?  Have you got content insurance to help protect against the loss of them.  Legal and General have developed this easy to use calculator to help with content insurance, you can find it here

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you in partnership with Legal and General.  However the content is my own. 

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