Simple Tips on How to Furnish your Bedroom

One of the more personal rooms in your house is the bedroom, and for many it is a place to escape and relax from the stresses of the day. Although many people spend considerable time focusing on the color of the paint, the linens, and decor, it is really important you know how to furnish your bedroom too. Once I discovered these simple tips to furnish a bedroom, it became more of a sanctuary for me when I needed to slip away and just relax in style.

Our bedroom is in dire need of updating, So I’ve been spending some time looking for a new bed and furniture.  The first thing that I  focused on the bed since it was considered the focal point of the room. My mattress was ten years old, so I began my upgrade here by getting a new orthopaedic mattress online from CutPriceMattresses. With the bed and mattress taken care of furnishing the rest of the room would be simple now that the focal point was addressed.


The next thing I focused on was how to declutter my bedroom. I have a lot of clutter in the bedroom from sorting out the rest of the house.  I really needed to get a bigger wardrobe and storage and want It matched the rest of the furniture. I need something with  several drawers to be able to store all my clothes and paperwork in.   Both myself and dad of 3 like solid wood furniture so I knew that was the direction I needed to look in for inspiration.

I think a set of  two bedside tables would be a great addition and will provide more storage space, removing the rest of the clutter in the room.  Now my alarm clock, glasses, books, lamps, and phone are within arms length of me when I am in bed relaxing. The room will look so much more organized and neat.


I’m also considering mounting the tv on a TV support bracket on the wall to create more space too.   The television will be up and out-of-the-way, and it even has a small shelf attached to install my DVD player and sky box.

Hopefully these changes will make my bedroom more relaxing, somewhere I can not wait to climb into bed with a good book and just drift away from all the worries of the day.  I just need to convince dad of 3 to help make the changes.

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