Speed up your mornings with Marks and Spencers school uniform range

With four children to get ready on a morning as well as myself I certainly know how stressful it can be.  No matter how organised I try to be there is always one child who has forgotten something they need for the day or can’t find clean bit of uniform.   So inevitably I end up having to get the iron out to iron said piece of uniform which in turn has a knock on for the rest of the school run. 

The older two are now at an age where I have started to give them the responsibility of having pe kit and uniform ready.  But for some reason despite my insistence of them having every thing ready the night before it doesn’t always work.  I know this situation is only going to get worse in September when I have two schools to drop off at in the mornings on starting earlier than the other.  It means we have to be more organised in order to leave twenty minutes earlier than we previously have. 

However Marks and Spencer’s school uniform range is set to make my mornings so much easier. The range is full of great innovations to help speed up your mornings.  These include non-iron shirts, just wash and then tumble dry and hey presto no creases.   Adjust-a-hems, these hems have an additional 3 inches on them which enable you to let them down as your child grows and all you do is iron the hem in place.  Stainaway – these clever shirts have a finish that makes stains wash out more easily.

m&s uniformUp until now all the children have worn polo shirts as part of their uniform but from September Luc will be in shirts.  I have always found shirts so time-consuming to iron and  its the one item I dread ironing for dad of 3 weekly.  So M&S Ultimate Non-Iron shirts are a very welcome addition as far as I’m concerned and on top of that the shirts also have the Stain-Away feature, perfect for white shirts!   The other issue I’ve struggled with is trouser lengths, I find the boys grow taller throughout the school year but not necessarily around the waist.  I’ve always bought adjustable waisted trousers for them in order to get the right leg length but with M&S’s Adjust-a-hem trousers their trousers will last them that bit longer again and no need for sawing up hems to adjust them.  The Adjust-a-Hem is a great time-saving feature for parents but the main bonus for me as a parent is that these innovations don’t come with an increased price tag, in fact they are very affordable.  The innovations also mean that you shouldn’t need to replace the items as much as you would have done previously either so that’s a thumbs up in my book especially with four to kit out.

Marks and Spencer’s very kindly sent us some of their uniform range to try out and Luc very kindly agreed to model one of the Non-Iron Shirts and a pair of Adjust-a-Hem trousers for me.  He was very pleased with the fit of the shirt and trousers when he initially tried them on.  I then decided to put the Non-Iron shirt to the test, so I washed one of them and popped in the tumble drier before asking Luc to put it back on again.  The photo below is of the freshly laundered shirt straight from the tumble drier!  I have to say I really was impressed at the fact it does what it claims too, no creases! 

DSCN0146I’m looking forward to using the Non-Iron shirts and Adjust-a-hem trousers in the new school year.  With no need to get the iron out to iron clean shirts I will save time in the mornings which is a good thing too.   If you would like to find out more about M&S’s school range and check out these innovations yourself you can do so by visiting the M&S School Uniform shop here


Disclosure:  We were sent items from the M&S School Uniform range for the purpose of this post.  The content is 100% my own. 

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