Introducing Little Dish’s My First Pizza Range

A couple of weeks ago we had the chance to try Little Dish’s new range of Pizzas.  The lovely people at Little Dish sent us a lovely hamper to introduce us to the range with some of the pizza’s for Erin to try.  In the hamper was a children’s Pizza cutter for Erin to use as well which Erin was very excited about.

There are three different toppings in the range and all have hidden vegetables in the sauce.  The toppings are, Pesto Chicken and Veg, Mini Meatball and Veg and Classic Margherita.   Little Dish has designed these pizzas especially for children aged one years plus.  They have 35% lower in salt than most chilled children’s pizzas and containing no preservatives or additives and have no added sugar but made from 100% natural ingredients, parents can have peace of mind.   Each pizza is just 5 inches and have a soft base which children will find easy to chew.  Then the base is topped with Little Dish’s hidden Vegetable sauce before being topped with one of the yummy toppings. 

little dish hamperAt lunchtime I made Erin the Pesto Chicken and veg pizza we had been sent.  I have to say it smelt lovely.   The pizza’s only take 10 minutes to cook in the oven which is great for when you want something quick to eat.  Erin was quick to get the pizza cutter out to use.   I put the pizza on the plate for Erin and then she used the pizza cutter to cut it up into smaller pieces.  In fact I think she probably cut it up too many times as was enjoying been able to do it herself. 


pizza college

My First Pizza Range from Little Dish

Not wanting to miss out the boys all came and tried a small piece of the pizza too, Erin wasn’t too fussed on the pesto on the topping but she picked the chicken off and ate it!    Rowan and Trystan enjoyed it and polished the last of the pizza between them.   So a bit of a mixed reaction to the Pesto Chicken and Veg pizza.

The following day Erin asked to try the Classic Margherita pizza for her lunch.  Once cooked she again enjoyed cutting it up with the pizza cutter then quickly polished off the pizza before her brothers could see what she was eating!  So I think the Classic Margherita was a hit.    The next day I cooked the Meatball and Veg pizza as an afternoon snack after we had been out for the day.  As the previous too days Erin quickly went to get the pizza cutter and cut the pizza up ready to eat.  After trying a small piece she started picking the meatballs off the rest of the pizza and said she didn’t like them!  Then she quickly ate the rest of the pizza.  So it seems that she didn’t like the meatballs but was happy to eat the rest of the pizza!   On the whole I think the pizza’s have been quite successful with Erin the only one she wasn’t keen on was the Pesto Chicken and veg but her brothers seemed to enjoy that one.

erin pizza picsThe My First Pizza range from Little Dish will be available to buy in store from September 7th 2015 and can be found at Asda, Waitrose and and will be priced at £2.50 a pizza.   For more information about The My First Pizza range and the other meals available  from Little Dish pop over to


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