Review – Dora and Friends dvd

At the beginning of the Summer holidays Erin discovered Dora the Explorer on Nick Jr.  Now the last time I saw Dora she was a young girl and had backpack, map and Boots to help her.  All the boys used to enjoy her adventures but had outgrown as they got older.    So I was pleased to see she has grown up in these new episodes and to see Erin enjoying her new adventures along with her new friends.  So when I was asked if we would like to take a look at the new Dora and Friends dvd I knew it would be a hit with Erin.  I think she’ll be watching it for some time too.

When the dvd arrived last week, Erin jumped up and down with excitement, asking for me to put it on straight away.  From the word go Erin was hooked, trying to sing along with the catchy songs and dancing around the sitting room.  She really got involved with the episodes, joining in at all the right points, something I remember the boys doing too.  I think it’s safe to say the dvd has been a hit with Erin and happily watched all the episodes.

image001This fun packed dvd is available from today, 14th September 2015 from all good stockists including amazon where it is £6, you can find it here  The dvd runs from approximately 88 minutes and is a U certificate which is suitable for all ages.  

Dora and Friends brings you four new episodes:

1. We Save a Pirate Ship

2. The Royal Ball

3. The Magic Ring

4. Dance Party

Dora and Friends catches up with Dora after she has moved to Playa Verde, a pan-latino metropolis by the sea.  She’s found a new group of friends who share Dora’s passion for learing and exploring and together they join her on her adventures in the city.     But don’t be fooled Playa Verde is no ordinary town, there are portals to magical worlds which will test Dora and her friends.  But don’t worry Dora has new tools to help them along the way including a smart phone with a map app!   So why not join Dora, Kate, Naiya, Alana and Pablo in their four adventures. 


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