Adapting the bedrooms to the boys changing needs

Over the Christmas holidays we have realised that as the children grow we need to adapt more to their changing needs. The main one being the need for space and privacy, which isn’t always an easy thing to find here!

With Luc now in Secondary school and feels that he would like more space without his youngest brother trashing their shared bedroom. Somewhere he could do his homework in peace. Also his bedtime is slightly later than the younger children and he often disturbs them without meaning too when he goes to bed. We have also seen Trystan wanting to sleep in with his brothers a lot over the last two months which has meant his bedroom hasn’t been used really. So with all this in mind we have been talking about the boys sleeping arrangements a lot this last fortnight. The older two have expressed an interest in swapping bedrooms which would ultimately solve our current issue and it would enable us to have a good sort out of clothes, toys etc which believe me is very much needed! It would also give us the opportunity to sort out the storage issue in the bedrooms.

So over the weekend dad of 3 and I have started looking at boys bedroom ideas In the smaller room which really is a box room we have a cabin bed with three storage drawers underneath which are used for clothes. Then we have a bookshelf and a plastic stacking unit as there isn’t room for much else! In the larger room where Luc and Rowan currently sleep we have a large triple wardrobe, two wooden stacking unit’s, some shelfs on the wall and a bunk bed with drawers underneath. Both rooms are cluttered and the boys struggle to keep clean despite having help from both dad of 3 and myself! We’ve reached a point where we have to do something as it’s getting out of hand!

I think that we could do with something that will conceal the boy’s toys and clothes and give the illusion of space within the room. I also like the idea of having the storage integrated in with the beds although we already have bunk beds and do not want to replace them at present. So something that can be integrated with them would be great but we also need to incorporate a desk in at least one of the rooms. So the search is on for some clever space-saving yet minimalist furniture. I can see the next month or two being very busy with the changes.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post however the content is 100% my own.

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