Uh-oh here comes the brand new range of Teletubbies Toys

If you saw my preview post last week then you will be dying to know what was inside this box …

teletubby box

The younger two have seen the new series of Teletubies which hit our screens in November and were quickly enthralled with them.  I remember the original series of Teletubbies and it’s nice to see it back.   Just before Christmas we received an exciting delivery of brand new Teletubbies toys but were asked to keep them a secret until today.  I can tell you that wasn’t an easy thing to do with four children here!  However I decided to keep the box sealed until last night when I finally revealed the contents.

teletubbie box inside

First up with have this lovely small super soft collectible Laa Laa toy, it is incredibly soft and cuddly and is suitable for all ages but I would say perfect for little hands to hold.

la-laa telebubby 2

Next are these collectible figures, Po with Scooter and Noo-noo.  Both are from collection 1 and can be played with independently or with the play set which is available separately.  These figures are suitable for 18 months plus. 

noo-noo and po teletubbies

Next up we have two Teletubbies from the Talking Teletubbies toys, we’ve been sent Dipsy and Tinky Winky.  These are suitable for ages 18 months plus and again are super soft and cuddly.  Press their tummies and hear teletubbies phrases,  I can see these being very popular with children. 

Dipsy Teletubbietinky winky teletubbyFinally we were sent this hard bodied Laa-Laa toy.  This Laa-Laa toy is activated by touching his chest which lights up the screen on his tummy and activates telletubbie phrases.  I have to say this Laa-Laa has made me jump a few times as has been activated by me simply sitting on the sofa where he was!  which of course has made the children giggle.

From the toys we have been sent I am pretty sure that these and the other new teletubbies toys are going to be a hit with teletubbies fans both young and old.  For more information and to buy your own teletubbie toys please visit www.character-online.com

Teletubbies Mums TV Blogger Button 2

Disclosure:  We were sent the Teletubbies toys for the purpose of this post however the content is 100% my own.

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