Now you can enjoy your favourite kids programmes anywhere thanks to the Sky Kids app

We’ve been Sky customers for many years now and some of the most watched channels here are the kids ones.  So when I discovered two months that Sky were to launch an app just for Kids I knew it was something that we would use.  The Sky Kids app was launched on March 31st and brings together thousands of episodes from wide range of popular kids tv shows and puts them in one accessible place. 

The great thing about the Sky Kids app is that its free for those Sky Customers who have the Variety, Family or Sky Q Bundles, which we do.  We were lucky enough to be invited to have a sneak preview of the app just before it launched and to help us enjoy the experience we were very kindly sent an amazing den building kit with some fantastic Adventure Time goodies.   The boys were beyond excited when they saw the hamper and all the goodies.

sky kids app hamper pics

The children love building dens here so the den building kit was perfect, over the winter months our den building has been limited to indoors due to the weather.  But the boys were keen to use the kit to make a den outside and they wanted until the weather brightened up a bit.  There patience was rewarded by several days of glorious weather over the last fortnight.  So one evening after school and work we took the den building kit out into the garden and the boys set to work making a den on the trampoline.  It didn’t take them long and they were calling me outside to take a look, they’d turned the trampoline into a cozy den where they could relax together.  The perfect place to watch some of their favourites tv shows. 

The children had already been enjoying the Sky Kids app for a couple of weeks by this stage and were used to navigating their way around the app.  I have helped the children to each create their own age appropriate profile on the app which enables them to watch age appropriate shows.  It’s great for the younger two especially as they can’t then access anything that’s too old for them to be watching.  Each of the children choose their own Sky buddy avatar which they love.

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However this was the first time the children had watched the app outside and as we relay on wi-fi connection I wasn’t sure if it would work.  But hey presto it did and the children spent over an hour snuggled up on the trampoline watching their favourite shows together, it was really nice to see them taking it in turns to switch between each others profiles so they could each choose an episode to watch.  The Sky Kids app is so simple to use that the children can manage it without any imput from me.  I think it’s safe to say that the Sky Kids app has been a hit with my four and I can see it being enjoyed al fresco more over the Summer. 

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  1. Thank you so much for this blog post. I had seen an advert on the tv for it but I was a little skeptical about letting the kids download it, but after reading this blog I think I might have to let them give it a try – especially with the summer holidays just around the corner!

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