Does where you sleep affect your dreams? #DreamsExplained

As a mother sleep is something that can often allude me.  I’ve always been a light sleeper but since becoming a mum I have suffered with periods of insomnia throughout the years and it can be quite frustrating.   Usually like this morning when I have the chance to have a lay in and catch up on some much needed sleep the children decided to wake me up extra early, I’m sure there isn’t a parent out there how can’t relate to this and how exhausted you can end up being.  Often we end up catching forty winks or cat naps wherever and whenever we can which isn’t ideal by far but it’s what we survive on.

So when Adjustamatic asked me to talk about a crazy dream I have had and if I think where I sleep has any impact on my dreams I decided to accept.  As I’ve already said I will nap where I can and these days it tends to be on the sofa, I’ve never been able to sleep while traveling.  We’ve a lovely large sofa which is also quite wide and so comfortable.  The times I end up napping on the sofa, if I dream I don’t remember them, I think it’s because I’ve reached a point of exhaustion and I am grabbing some much needed sleep.  I know some people have a comfortable chair that they often nap in, like my dad for example (sorry dad)  but unfortunately we don’t have space for anything like a riser recliner chair which would make napping comfortable.


The dream I want to share with you is quite disjointed, I don’t know if that’s because my sleep was disturbed for some reason.  The first thing I remember is that I’m stood in what seems to be a forest, there must be a breeze because I can hear the trees rustling around me and every now and again a bird can be heard.  Then suddenly I sense that there’s something approaching, twigs are snapping as if been stood on and it’s getting closer.  So I start running, running through the trees, I stumble over a branch that I don’t see in my rush to get away.  After what seems like ages I reach the end of the forest, I turn to see if I can see if I’m still being followed and to catch my breath.  After a couple of minutes I realise that there is no one following me and I can feel myself relax, I take a look around.  I’m now stood in a meadow full of wild flowers, butterflies are gliding amongst the flowers as I walk towards the opposite side of the meadow.  The sun is shining and I can feel the warmth on my face and my shoulders as I walk.  I turn to watch some swallows playing and when I turn back I’m now faced with a beach in front of me and I can see my family laughing and playing.  I stop and watch them for a while, listen to the squeals of laughter, the playful shouts before I go to join them.  The next thing I’m awake, I think my alarm has gone off and it’s time to start the day.  This is a dream I’ve had a few times now and each time is similar to each other.


I would be interested to know what the meaning is behind the dream especially as it’s one I have had a few times now.  Have you ever had a reoccurring dream? Do you sleep better on the sofa or in bed or maybe theres somewhere else you sleep better.

1 thought on “Does where you sleep affect your dreams? #DreamsExplained

  1. Adam Ross says:

    I tend to have reoccurring dreams and because of that I know that I am dreaming. Often times this lets me not feel pain or I’m even able to control things around me. But not always. Sometimes I don’t realise I am dreaming until the very end..

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