Help break social barriers with the elderly with Bathing Soluntions #BreakingBarriers campaign

Growing up I was taught to show respect to those older than myself and to be polite and courteous to them.  It’s something that I still do and am trying to instil on my own children.  I was lucky enough to grow up having lots of contact with my paternal grandmother, I spent many happy holidays with her as a child and learnt so much from her.  We used to go out walking together, to the bingo, she taught me to bake and to knit amongst other things.  I adored my grandmother and the time we spent together. 

At 19 years old I moved in with my grandmother while I was attending college, it was a time I still treasure.  I still remember one afternoon when I had been living with her for about six weeks, when she turned to me while we were watching Diagnoses Murder together and asked me to show her how to use her new mobile phone.  It was something we joked about but I knew she was keen to learn.  So over a couple of days I helped her get to grips with the basics, in fact she picked it up surprisingly quickly.  It made me realise that just before someone is over 65 it does not mean they are not capable of learning new skills.   I learnt so much from my grandmother so I loved being able to help her learn something new.  My grandmother used to send me texts which I loved receiving and continued to do so even after I had moved out to attend university and then start my own family.  It’s something I still miss even though she died some eight years ago now. 

So when I heard about Bathing Solutions campaign Breaking Barrier, I was keen to help spread the word.  I love the fact that the campaign is helping those over 65 learn new skills and also share their skills with others.  By 2050 15.6% of the population will be made up of those over the age of 65 years but this does not mean they are unable to learn new skills.  On the contrary they are more than capable of learning new skills and they also have so much they can share themselves.  The Breaking Barriers campaign enables you to search for community courses in your area and also take part in discussions on various topics from learning to knit, learning to bake or even to learning a new language.  With links to videos to help get you started.  I think the information provided will give many the confidence needed to learn a new skill or trick of the trade.  I’m sure it will also lead to many friendships being formed over common interests which in itself is valuable and helps break barriers.

Do you know someone who over 65 years old who would like to learn a new skill, you can find out more about the campaign by visiting here

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