We have our very own fairy – Opening Fairy Doors Review

This week we have had a new arrival here much to Erin and her brothers delight. All thanks to Opening Fairy Doors who sent us one of their sets.  I decided it would be nice to have the fairy door set up when the children were all in bed and then see how long it took them to discover the Fairy door.  So on Sunday night when the children were all in bed I set to work.  The Opening Fairy Doors set comprises of a lovely realistic door, window and picket fence, along with a letterbox.  The detail on the door in particular is really good and I think adds to the whole magic.  You also get a little bottle of fairy dust, some stickers to decorate around the door and windows, a certificate, a little story about the fairies and some fairy post.  There is also some adhesive pads to attach the door, window, fence and letter box too.  I decided to put the set above the skirting board next to the front door, it made sense to have it there mainly because it is the only area that is exposed.  It’s also somewhere that the children can sit next to and enjoy the magic.  With that decided attaching the door, window, fence and letter box was really easy and took a couple of minutes to do. So now I had to wait for the children to get up and see if they spotted the new addition.

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When the children woke up on Monday morning it didn’t take them long to discover the tiny door with windows and a picket fence had appeared overnight near the front door.  Erin was fascinated from the word go and wanted to know who lived there and spent a good fifteen minutes sat watching the door to see if anyone came out of it before breakfast.  I eventually persuaded her to come and eat her breakfast and explained to her that the door belonged to a fairy who would come and visit us.  This led to a barrage of questions by Erin and Rowan who wanted to know what the Fairy’s name was and when she would come.

After breakfast I asked Erin if she would like to help decorate around the Fairy door to help welcome our Fairy when she arrived.  Erin didn’t need to be asked twice and quickly ran to the door ready to help.  I gave her a sheet of stickers that had come with the set and left her to get creative.  The whole time she was decorating the area around the door she was talking away asking the fairy to come and visit her soon, she was enthralled with the whole concept of the fairy visiting.   It was really lovely to watch her and listen to what she was saying.  Rowan came to see what she was doing and she carefully pointed to the various stickers and the door explaining that it was the Fairy called Luna’s home and he had to be quiet or he would scare her!  Rowan spent some time examining the door, opening and closing it to see what was behind it.

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That evening I read the story to Erin before bed, afterwards she wanted to go and say goodnight to the fairies so went and sat quietly next to the door then we sprinkled some fairy dust.  I love how something so simple has caught her imagination and she was run with it.  The older two boys have not really shown much interest in the door but then I think they may just be a bit old for it sadly at the ages of ten and eleven.  The younger two have really bought into it though.

On Tuesday morning the first thing Erin did when she got up was to go and sit next to the door and ask if the fairy had been while she was sleeping.  Then when the children I was looking after arrived she proudly showed them the door and told them we now had a fairy called Luna.  They were intrigued and throughout the day I watched them along with Erin make several visits to the door and sit and chat to Luna, after one of these time I was told that Luna now had friends who would visit us too!   When parents collected their children at the end of the day they were all shown the fairy door and told all about the Fairies.  I love the fact that such a simple concept can capture children’s imaginations and I’m looking forward to watching how this continues to grow.

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The Opening Fairy Doors set costs £14.99 and is available from www.character-online.co.uk

Disclaimer:  We were sent the Opening Fairy Doors set for the purpose of this post however the content is 100% my own

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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! That is just adorable…What a sweet idea.
    I think my girl would love that….It’s something for me to add to her birthday list x

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