Introducing the colourful world of Nanables

Two weeks ago Erin was sent some adorable ultra small Nanables. Erin loves toys that she can collect and also take everywhere with her so I knew that these delightful colourful dwellings were going to be an instant hit with her!

I was right! As soon as Erin saw the Nanables she squeeled with delight and couldn’t wait to take a closer look at them. Erin was sent six Nanables, each one comes with two Nano’s who are the inhabitants of who call the Nanables ‘home’. There are two themed lands to collect, Rainbow Way and Sweetness Town. Each Dwelling is unique and colourful, the detail on each dwelling is amazing too.

Each dwelling has places for the Nano’s to hangout, from a balcony to a doorway, each dwelling has it’s own special place. If that wasn’t enough you can peek inside each one and get a glipse of the colourful world the Nano’s live in.

Nanables are enchanting and they also have extra play value with a free downloadable app which brings the Nano’s to life and lets you interact further. There is also exclusive content available too. For more information you can visit

Erin has spent ages exploring the Nanables she was kindly sent, they are all lined up on her dressing table where she can sit and play with them. I have also downloaded the app onto my phone for her to explore and this has proved a hit. She loves the fact she can peep inside each of the dwellings and can see what the world the Nano’s live in is like. She also keeps discovering new little details on the dwellings and excitedly comes to show me. I have a feeling that she will be wanting to collect the other Nanables availble.

Each Nanable costs £4.99 each which personally I think is great value for money. Erin is already asking if she can save her pocket money to buy another one and at that price it won’t take her long to save up! You will find Nanables at Argos, Amazon, Smyths and Tesco.

Disclaimer: We were kindly sent the Nanables for the purpose of this post however the contect is 100% my own.

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