Review – T-Racers Turbo Wheels

Last week I was sent some T-Racers Turbo Wheels. I thought they looked pretty cool and having read the box thought they would be perfect for E and R and also my neice and nephew, A and T. So I picked up four T-Racers Turbo Wheels so that each of the children would have one each to try out and play with. We usually pop into see my parents one afternoon after school a week when they have my neice and nephew so I asked my mum if she would like me to bring the T-Racers with me for the children to try out. She thought it was a great idea and as they have mostly wooden or tiled floors in their house I thought it would make a good surface for the T-Racers.

Two days later when my niece and nephew were at my parents house I popped over with E and R and took the T-Racers with me to see what the children thought of them. My mum had already told T and A that I was bringing a surprise with me so they were very excited to find out what was in my bag. T quickly pulled one of the boxes out and said “their cool Auntie Becky” A and R quickly helped open it so that T could see what was inside. I already know there were more than 500 possible combinations for the T-Racers so when they opened the box, which by the way is cute, its been made to look like a tire. All the packaging is made from paper and cardboard to be eco-friendly. Each T-Racer comes in 5 parts and include a driver. These parts can be mixed and matched. There are 16 T-Racers to collect which together unlook the 500 combinations and each part has a special power.

Inside the box T discovered 5 surprise envelopes. By this point the other three had selected their T-Racers and were also starting to open their surprise envelopes to see what they had. I had to help A and T a bit with opening their envelopes but after that I let them get on with it. I was impressed at the fact that the children all helped each other were needed so needed very little adult help. The parts are just the right size for little fingers to handle. R was thrilled to discover he had two ultra rare surprise envelopes and T had one. I think the ultra rare parts added to the exitment.

We had about ten minutes of silence where the four children queitly assembled their T-Racers and looked at what each other had. It was lovely to watch them all working together, even my parents were trying to see what each of them had!

T-Racers built it was time to try these nifty little cars out, there was some debate about which was the best floor to use first! but with Granny’s suggestion of the dinning room floor taken, it had been washed especially that morning! The children lined up and went for it. Having learnt over the years that its not alway advisable to try and film the first couple of attempts I let the four play for five minutes before I set up a race.

It did take me about ten attempts to get the above brief footage but they had so much fun and continued to do so after I stopped filming. They spent almost an hour playing with the T-Racer Turbo Wheels before it was time for us to leave. But I let T and A keep their T-Racers so they could continue having fun at home. I showed them that they could use the wheel shaped box it came in as a handy garage to store their T-Racers in until they wanted to play with them again.

T and A are with my parents today and guess what they’ve been asking to do, yes that’s right they want R and E to go and play with them and the T-Racer Turbo Wheels. So I think their a hit don’t you.

T-Racer Turbo Wheels are currently available to buy from Tesco where you will find them on offer for any 3 for 2 with clubcard price. The regular price is £6.99 so this offer is great. Why not pop along to your nearest Tesco and pick some up, these niffty little cars have proved really popular with my two and my neice and nephew. E has already asked if I can get them a second one each.

If you pop over to my instagram I will be running a giveaway for some of these fun T-Racer Turbo Wheels this week here


I was sent four T-Racer Turbo Wheels for the purpose of this post however the content is 100% my own.

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