Keeping carpets clean with kids around

Whether you have children at home or you have Pets at Home, keeping carpets clean is not the easiest thing to do. It’s mostly the one question that parents just don’t have an answer to, because there are constantly drinks spilled, stains that you have to worry about, food dropped, dribble happening, it’s full equals one big mess. Nobody likes the look of stained carpets, and you will put your visitors off as much as yourself. To avoid this situation, you may have to do one of two things: either replace your carpets with flooring options, or figure out a way to clean them.

Carpets and flooring in the home are two of the biggest expenses, so even if you do have carpet you want to keep it looking nice. To make cleaning your carpets as easy as possible, you have to adopt certain measures that other homeowners who don’t have children would usually ignore. It’s difficult to find an efficient carpet cleaner if you don’t know where to look. The measures that you take will ensure that your carpets stay free of dirt and debris, stains and grime no matter how many kids or pets you’ve got in the house. So, here are some tips to help.

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  • Vacuum properly and do it often. Unfortunately, we are not going to give you a list of hacks to do to clean your carpets. In fact, there really isn’t a hack out there that will help. With the right attitude and the right equipment dash and maybe even some music, vacuuming can be the best house sure that you enjoy. Go to the water wall and don’t leave any space untouched and always focus well on those high traffic sections. Wherever the kids are, you need to make sure that you are there too with your stick vacuum and then a wet vacuum to clean the carpet, too.
  • Keep food in the dining room. Where possible, make a rule in the home that you don’t have food available where carpets are. Avoid hosting parties in the carpeted areas of your home and keep your dining room with just vinyl flooring. Imposing a no parting in the house rule will really help in the long term, and you can safeguard the well being of others as well as your carpets and rugs. With no food in the living room, you can make sure nothing gets smashed into the carpet.
  • Use mats at your entry points. In and out of the house, you need to have floor mats so that people can wipe their feet. You wouldn’t believe how much bacteria and grime is on the bottom of your shoes, and the last thing you want to do is tread that three or carpets. You should also ensure that you have somewhere for your shoes to rest near the front door so that when people come in they can take off their shoes and keep them tidy.

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