Book Review – Nanny in a Book – The Common-sense guide to Childcare by Louise Heren and Susan McMillan rrp £12.99

This is no ordinary childcare book. Nanny in a Book is full of common sense, no nonsense advice from the best childcare experts in the world – the Norland Nannies. Going back to basics combining the best of what nanny knew with 21st centurt child care expertise Nanny in a Book will become a rusted guide and treasured companion – the next best thing to Mary Poppins herself sweeping in on the east wind and solving your parenting problems.
For over a century the distincively uniformed Norland Nannies have been the most respected nannies in the world. Caring for thousands of families with clients so varied to include some royal and celebrity families. Not everyone can have one but Nanny in a Book is the next best thing.
Nanny in a book is a practical companion to childcare that helps parents:
. Setting up a nursery
. Sleeping, weaning and potty training
.Teaching children good manners and behaviour
. Travelling with children
. Nursing common ailments from sore tummies to measles
. Organising a fabulous birthday party.
I found Nanny in a Book easy to read and full of handy tips, some of which I knew already but is handy to be reminded of. I have dipped in and out of the book and used a few of the suggestions given for play activities. The book also includes some simple weaning recipes which are ideal for those just starting the weaning process.
Iwas already aware for the Norland Nannies so had high expectations for this book and I have to say the no nonsense approach does not disappoint. I would say this book is great for first time parents but equally for those who just want an all in one childcare book at hand for reassurance. I enjoyed the chapter on good manners and behaviour and will be trying out some of the suggestions.
This book is nicely written and contains lots of information in an accessible way which does not overwhelm you.

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  1. wallkid says:

    I think this practical companion to childcare shares tips and expertise gleaned from the more than 100 years’ experience of the best and most respected nannies in the business.


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