Paw Ridge – Blueberry flavoured Porridge from Quakers Oats

Children’s favorite cereal Paw Ridge, will be tantalising young taste buds this winter with Paw Ridge Blueberry, which joins the Honey and original versions of the kid-friendly porridge.
Paw Ridge uses the best quality oats and mills them finely to create a smoother porridge. The new blueberry variety is a naturally flavoured fruity version that’s sure to be winner in the morning.
Unlike many children’s breakfast cereals, Paw Ridge is made from 100% natural ingredients -that means no artifical colours, flavours or preservatives. As mums will know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, providing nutrients for brain function. So a bowl of delicious Paw Ridge is a great way to give kids the nourishment they need to kick start their day. Paw Ridge is also a good source of fibre – important for maintaining a healthy digestive system. Each serving contains more than two grams.
Paw Ridge is quick and easy to make by simply mixing a sachet with milk or water in a bowl and heating in a mircrowave to create a delicious, wholesome breakfast in just 90 seconds. Rrp £1.99 (box with 8 sachets)
My four year old loves porridge especially on a cold morning so he was delighted to test Paw Ridge Blueberry. Its not a flavour he has had before, he usually just has some of his dad’s origianl porridge so this made a nice change.
Having read the claims on the press release I thought it also sounded quick to make at 90 seconds. However as I have a lower powered microwave it actually took 2minutes to make. That been said each sachet of porridge has a measure on it for you to fill with milk or water to obtain the amount required. I have to say it is rather a large portion for a child to eat first thing and my four year old did struggle to eat it all but was helped along by my 15month old who eat some too. I was quite impressed by youngest eating it as its not something Ive previously given him to eat. Daddy also had a few sneaky mouthfuls too. I think the price of the product is good value and due to size of portions the last few I have made I have shared between two children so I am only just finishing the box.
I will be buying this product again if I find it in the supermarket and will probably try the other variety too.
Id give this product ***** as it satisfied my sons appetite, provided them with a nutrious breakfast that was relatively quick to make.

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