Book Review- Greek Beasts and Heroes – The Fire Breather and The Flying Horse – By Lucy Coats and Illustrated by Anthony Lewis.

Atticus the storyteller is on a quest. As he travels, Atticus tells tales of fearsome monsters and fabulous beasts, gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines.
In the Flying Horse you will find tales about Eurystheus – the wicked King, The Hydra – a many headed monster, Hippolyta – the fierce Amazon queen and Pegasus the winged horse.
In The Fire Breather meet Heracles – the bravest hero ever, the Furies – terrifying executors of justice, Greyon – a hideous giant and Hera the most scheming goddess of all.
My husband read these books to our 4 and 6year olds as bedtime stories. They enjoyed hearing about the different characters and would tell me about the stories the following morning over breakfast. The stories can be read in one go or as we did a chapter at a time as they are all stand alone stories. They seemed to capture the boys imaginations and they looked forward to bedtime and hearing the next.
I thought that the stories may be too advanced for our four year old but was proved wrong as he enjoyed them thoroughly. My husband feels the stories were pitched just right for our children’s age group and up to eight years old. My husband enjoys reading myths and feels that these stories have been simplified for children. The two books we read are part of a series of twelve books. Both boys were dissappointed we did not have a third book to read. Even though the greek names were at times difficult for the children to pronounce the children would regularly ask questions and repeat the names throughout the story.
We would definately buy the rest of the series as the boys thoroughly enjoyed them. The rrp is £4.99 which we feel is quite acceptable for these books.
A highly recommended read and Im sure these books will encourage the children to take more interest in history.

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