Product Review – Tropicana K1ds.

Tropicana K1ds is now in new packaging, its delicious, thirst-quenching juice that is an easy way to help kids reach their five-a-day quota during school time. Available in a handy lunchbox size, one 200ml bottle of Tropicana K1ds contributes one full portion of the five a day recommended portions of fruit and vegetables.
Tropicana K1ds comes in three delicious child-friendly flavours: Apple, Orange and Pear and Apple and Blackcurrant. They are sold in four packs and rrp is £1.99. Made from 75% juice and 25% water and absolutely nothing else. No added Sugar. No preservatives, artificial flavours or sweetners. They are perfect for lunchboxes – fits neatly into lunchboxes and uses a clever sports lid, meaning it can be opened and closed throughout the day with no spills and no mess!
Tropicana K1ds is available from all leading supermarkets.
Tropicana K1ds can be kept out of the fridge for up too 8 hours which is handy for keeping lunch boxes cool on those warm days.
These have been a huge hit with my sons especially my 16 month old as he found them easy to drink thanks the the sports lid. My older two were not too keen on the Orange and Pear combination that we had been sent but once they had tried them throughly enjoyed them. I found them easy to store in the fridge and they fit neatly into the boys lunchboxes. They were also easier to clean out for recycling than the cartoons I usually buy.
The only disappointment I feel is that I am currently unable to buy these in my local supermarkets, the nearest stockist for me are 30miles away, which means that dispite my children wanting me to buy the other two flavours for them to try I am unable to unless I travel to get them. My older two told me their lunchboxes stayed lovely and cool and I certainly did not have the messy lunchboxes I usually get coming home. They are also a handy size for popping in a change bag or in car for days out and journeys. I also think they are reasonably priced.

I would give Tropicana K1ds a *****                   

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