My Munchkin Organic Bathrobe

Rowan was very kindly sent a My Munchkin Organic Bathrobe last weekThe Bathrobe has Bear footprints on much to Rowan’s delight, as soon as he saw the Bathrobe he was meowing at it.  I think he thought the bear footprints were cat paw prints!  I suppose you can’t blame him as we have six cats.  That night at bath time Rowan quickly carried his bathrobe into the bathroom and put it on the radiator.  After his bath Rowan looked so snug and warm in his bathrobe.  It certainly felt lovely and soft to me.  Since the first night Rowan has used his bathrobe every time he has had a bath and we also took it with us when we went swimming at my mother-in-laws caravan.  It was a good size to fit in our swimming bag and kept him really warm while I helped his brother’s change.
The My Munchkin Organic Bathrobe is available in 12 – 36 months and in a choice of two motifs, Bear footprint or Frog footprint.  The My Munchkin Organic Bathrobe is made from 100% Pure Organic Cotton, it has a sewn in belt.  Which is great as means you do not need to worry about loosing the belt or your toddler hurting themselves with it by falling over it.  Additionally the bathrobe has a hood which helps keep your little one lovely and warm.  The My Munchkin Organic Bathrobe retails at £29.99  which I think is great value for money as one size fits toddlers from the age of 12 months until 3 years old. 

If you would like more information regarding My Munckin’s Organic Bathrobe or to order one please visit 

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4 thoughts on “My Munchkin Organic Bathrobe

  1. milkpetal says:

    This looks fab! Shall be purchasing one for my nephew for Christmas I think! 🙂

  2. welshmumof3 says:

    It’s great, really soft and warm. We’re currently alternating between using the bathrobe and the my munchkin towel. I’m sure your nephew will love it 🙂

  3. Maddy Joy says:

    Really- very useful munchkin organic cotton bathrobes i like this……
    Cotton Bathrobes

  4. Daisy Rogers says:

    I think cotton bathrobe make an excellent gift for any occasion and your bathrobe are good in this.
    Thanks for let us know about your gorgeous bathrobes!

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