Buggy Tug – Extra Piece of Mind

There have been several occasions over the years when I have been separated from my pushchair by accident, for example recently when we experienced some very windy day’s the pushchair was blown out of  my hand by the chair as I went to open the car door to put Rowan in the car.  I still had one hand on the pushchair at the time but the gust of wind was quite strong and simply blow the pushchair out of my hand.  On another occasion last year as I was walking down my local high street with my double pushchair when someone pushed past me and knocked my hand off the pushchair causing me to become separated from it for a second or two.    But these incidents are a thing of the past with Buggy Tug. 

As a mother and childminder children’s safety is of paramount to me, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review the Buggy Tug.  The Buggy Tug is the UK’s first Buggy wrist strap, it is a strap that attaches to your pram/pushchair handle and ensures you do not get separated.  This is a fantastic product and quite a simple one.  

Instructions for use :The strap fits easily over the pram/pushchair handle bar and then is secured by pulling the loop through the metal ring.  Then finally put your hand through the loop and hold your pram/pushchair (instructions taken from the Buggy Tug packaging).  The Buggy Tug is suitable for use with all single handle or bar prams/pushchairs. 

I found the Buggy Tug comfortable to use.  It is made from neoprene which is strong while being comfortable to wear.  I actually forgot I had it on a couple of times and made a few people smile when I went to move away from the double pushchair and found I couldn’t!  After using it for almost two weeks its become habit and I wouldn’t be without this extra piece of mind.

The Buggy Tug costs £3.99 plus £2.00 postage and is available directly from http://www.buggytug.com

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