Munchkin – Snack Catcher

Have you ever come across a product that has proved to be fantastic and you wish you had found it sooner?  Well for me the Munchkin Snack Catcher is one of those products.  When Munchkin kindly offered me one of their snack trap to review, my first thought was will it actually work!  Like most parents I find myself constantly clearing up after the boys and snack time is no exception. 

I encourage the children be it my own or those I care for to eat at the table but there are occasions when this isn’t possible, for example after school activities etc.  Rowan often likes to snack while in the pushchair or in the car and usually makes a mess!  So anything that I can find to reduce the amount of mess is very welcome. 

Rowan was intrigued by the Snack Catcher straight away and handing me his packet of raisins to put in it.  I obliged and he seemed to know what to do without any guidance.  I sat and watched him happily potter around the house snack catcher in hand and munching on his raisins.  After he had finished and the snack catcher was empty I had a look around to see if I could find any raisins that had been dropped but not one could be found.   Well already wowed by the snack catcher.  When Dad of 3 came home that night he noticed straight away that the sitting room and hall were free from food debris and remarked upon it being “nice to come home and not have to dodge the food”!.

The following day we took the snack catcher with us in the car when we went to visit grandma (a two hour journey)  When required the snack catcher was filled with crisps and given to Rowan.  Again not a crumb in sight, just a very contented toddler!.

we’ve been using the Snack Catcher almost daily for over a week now and it continues to amaze me how well it works.  For a simple item to be so effective is fantastic, I wish I had discovered the snack catcher when my older children were younger, just think how much time I could have saved myself cleaning up after them! 

The Munchkin Snack Catcher retails at £3.69 and is available from Asda, Amazon and other retailers.  If you would like  further details or to have a look at the Munchkin range please visit

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