Rockford’s Rock Opera

We listen to a lot of audio books here, I’ve found they are really good for calming the boys down and they love to listen to them at mealtimes as well as in the car on long journeys.  So we were really pleased when we were asked to review Rockford’s Rock Opera.  

Rockford’s Rock Opera is about a boys called Moog from Battersea and his dog Rockford.  The story follows Moog and Rockford to the Island of Infinity which is in the middle of the Sea of Tranquility.  The Island is home to the last one of every extinct species and the island is hiding a secret from the world.  Moog who’s from Battersea in London along with his dog Rockford are the only ones who can deliver its message.  The pair embark on an adventure that threatens the entire human race.  

Right from the start the boys and I admit myself included were enthralled with Rockford’s Rock Opera, the songs are catchy and the lyrics don’t help but make you smile and make you want to tap your foot.  The storyline and sound effects are fantastic.  The characters capture your imagination and the boys were talking about them endlessly.  This certainly has been a hit for us and we have looked forward to sitting down at mealtimes to find out what will happen to Moog and Rockford.  I think this will be one audio book that will be listened to over and over in our house. 

I was told that “Rockford’s Rock Opera is a new breed of 21st Century, ipod friendly, audio entertainment; think of ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ crossed with ‘Jeff Wayne’s War of the World’s, or ‘Jungle Book’ meets ‘Jurassic Park’ via ‘Sgt. Pepper’.   Having listened to Rockford’s Rock Opera I have to admit this is a very good way to describe it.  

So who is behind Rockford’s Rock Opera? “Rockford’s Rock Opera is NOT the creation of a global entertainment company. It is the work of award winning alternative entrepreneurs, ‘Sweetapple’, ( and a handful of dedicated people working for the love of this amazing, original story. The project is entirely self produced and financed.

Featuring and scripted by respected BBC writer and performer, Steve Punt, this is also a story is a story with an original ecological message – a unique ‘take’ on the threat of extinction and the effect man is having upon life on earth. The Rockford’s Rock Opera website is full of fascinating information about the story and the facts behind the fiction.

As a result, the project has been acclaimed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)”.
Rockford’s Rock Opera is primarily aimed at 6 to 12 year old and their families but thanks to the loyal fan base built up through 2009 among children, families and schools.   The first part of the story was  realised as an iphone app.  There are now 3 apps available (the final part shortly).  If you visit  you can download the first hour of the story free.  The whole story is available on CD, as downloads or streamed as an animated picture book and read -along.  For Iphone, Ipod touch and Ipad you can visit the Apple App store were the first part is free

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