Baking with Greens Cake Mixes


The boys love to help me make cakes, biscuits and bread so when the lovely people at Greens sent us some of their Cake Mixes to try the boys were eager to start baking.  We were sent Tom and Jerry’s Strawberry Cake Kit and Thomas and Friends Vanilla Cake Kit.
Trystan wanted to make the Tom and Jerry Strawberry cake’s,  while Luc was happy making the Thomas and Friends Vanilla cakes.  Both kits contained: 12 cake cases, Decorations (sugar paper with either Tom and Jerry on or Thomas and friends) a pack of cake mix, pack of icing mix.  Both packs also had a sheet of fun stickers and activities which both Luc and Trystan thought was great.  According to the instructions on both boxes the cakes only take 12 minutes to bake and all you need to do is add an egg, butter and water.  


Having washed their hands and put their aprons on the boys set about getting a mixing bowl each.  Then emptied the cake mix into the bowls while I preheated the oven to the instructed 185 o (160 o c for fan oven or gas mark 5) I then helped them each crack a medium egg into their bowls and measure out 6g of butter.  We then added 7 teaspoons of water into each bowl.  The boys then beat the egg and butter into the cake mix until the mixture was creamy.  Luc and Trystan then arranged their cake cases on baking sheets before spooning equal amounts of cake mix into each cake case.

Once the oven had reached temperature I put the cakes in the oven and set the timer for 12 minutes.  The boys then helped wash up the bowls and whisks while we waited for the cakes to cook.  Both boys said they had thought the cakes were easy to make and couldn’t wait for them to be ready so they could decorate them.  I explained they would have to wait for them to cool before they iced and decorated them or the icing wouldn’t set properly.  The 12 minutes seemed to pass really quickly, I was a bit dubious as to whether the cakes really would be ready but after checking them I realised they were ready so got them out and left them to cool.

As the boys were so eager to decorate the cakes we decided to get the icing sugar ready so they would be able to decorate the cakes as soon as they cooled.  The icing was very easy to mix by adding two teaspoons of water to the icing sugar and mixing together.  Ten minutes later the cakes were cool enough to ice and decorate.  Luc and Trystan spent about 15 minutes carefully icing their cakes and decorating them with the sugar paper decorations supplied.

Then they couldn’t wait to try a cake each.  Both boys said they had really enjoyed making the cakes and they tasted delicious.  They certainly didn’t last more than a few hours as they were polished off by the boys fairly quickly.  I think from start to finish it took about half an hour to make,bake and decorate the cakes which makes Greens Cake mixes great for rainy days and keeping the children busy for short periods of time.

Green’s was founded 100 years ago by baker Horace Green with the aim of making baking simple, fun and very tasty for all the family.  All Green’s cakes are made with only natural ingredients and no artificial colourings (information taken from Green’s website)
As well as the Tom and Jerry and Thomas and Friends sets we tried, there is also a Dora and Barbie sets available.  Greens Cake mixes are available to buy from Tesco’s and retail at £1.69 a pack which I think is great value.  If you would like more information on Greens range of cake mixes please visit

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