At the start of the Summer holidays we were sent a pack of Bumpeez to review.  Bumpeez are set to become the next big playground craze.  So I was interested to see what the boys thought of them.   When the pack arrived Luc and Trystan were taken with them straight away and couldn’t wait to play with them.  
Each pack contains two silicon rings and two chipsChildren love to collect things and love been outside with their friends so Bumpeez provides a combination on both enabling children to collect Bumpeez and then play with them in the playground with their friends.  There are 100 Bumpeez to collect and the aim is to collect all the coloured chips and matching silicon rings.  There are also rare packs of Bumpeez which contains silver swirled  and Gold Bumpeez.  Every Gold Bumpeez found wins a prize, making collecting them all the more fun as you don’t know what you will find in each pack.  There is a character on each chip and they all have individual values which enables trading between friends.
Bumpeez can be bounced against walls, floors and any other surface to enable games to be made up and played both individually and with friends.  You can also visit www.bumpeez.com where you can find 25 games that have already been created as well as other exclusive features.  The possibilities with Bumpeez are endless.  
Luc and Trystan love the bright colourful designs and characters on the Bumpeez and are already asking if I can buy them more.  They have spent hours bouncing the Bumpeez against the garden wall and patio area’s and creating different games.  Both boys have kept the Bumpeez in their pockets ready to play with when ever the opportunity.  They can’t wait to go back to school and show their friends their Bumpeez.
Bumpeez will be available from supermarkets, toy shops and newsagents nationwide from August 24th 2011 and retail at £1.99 a pack.  Bumpeez are aimed at both girls and boys aged 5 years to 11 years old.    Will your children love Bumpeez as much as mine do?

3 thoughts on “Bumpeez

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m glad to see a review of these from a Mom, but you failed to mention that they are VERY well-made! I am impressed with the Bumpeez, but I’m having a really hard time finding them at the moment.

  2. welshmumof3 says:

    Thanks Sarah, yes sorry I didn’t mention how well made they are and durable. I haven’t seen any locally to me either

  3. Mamil says:

    Hi, You may be interested to know that I have found that they are now available from Tesco’s and Morrisons.
    My daughter (10) loves them and was made up by the fact hat she had a gold one in her second pack.

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