Spider Puppet Kit Review

The lovely people at Ballyhoo Toys recently sent the boys one of the puppet kits that they stock to make.   We were sent the Spider Puppet Set which costs £12.  The boys love making things and couldn’t wait to get on with the spider puppet.  So last weekend when it was wet we decided it was the perfect opportunity.  

The Kit contains the following:

  • Instruction Set
  • 1 Large Cotton Ball -Head
  • 8 Medium wooden balls – feet
  • 2 Small cotton balls – eyes
  • 8 Long cardboard tubes – tops of legs
  • 8 Short cardboard tubes – bottom of legs
  • 1 Short cardboard tube with holes – spacer            
  • 1 Cardboard cone end – body
  • 4 Black tags
  • 1 White tag
  • 1 Circular fur – hair                                                                         
  • 3 Colours of paint
  • 1 Glue pot
  • 1 Paint brush
  • 1 Pen
  • 1 Stick

Both Luc and Trystan wanted to make the spider puppet so we decided to work as a team and make it together with me helping where ever needed.  The boys decided they wanted to make a black and red spider.  Luc painted the short and long cardboard tubes and the cardboard cone end in black and put them to one side to dry.  Then Trystan painted the large cotton ball and the eight small wooden balls in red.  When done he too left them to dry.  An hour later all the pieces were dry enough for us to continue.  Following the instructions the boys helped thread the black tags through the cardboard tubes and wooden balls in order to make the feet, then through the body, the spacer and back through the body before assembling a second leg on the tag.  This had to be done four times altogether.  Once all eight legs had been assembled, Trystan held the body of the spider while I threaded the white tag through the spacer, then the head, then the circular bit of fur and finally attaching to the wooden dowel securing the head.  Trystan then glued the small cotton balls on to the head and we left it to dry overnight as it was getting late.  

The following morning after breakfast we checked the puppet and the eyes were dry so Luc drew pupils on the eyes using the pen supplied and also a mouth on the head completing the face.  Then Luc held the body and helped attach the four loops on the wooden dowels to alternative legs on the spider.  That completed the Spider puppet much to the boys delight.  They then took it in turns to use the puppet making the Spider dance and jump around which Rowan thought was funny.  

The kit said it was aimed at 4 years plus and I would say this is right.  I needed to help with the construction of the spider but the boys managed to paint all the pieces ready and then helped put them together by holding various bit for me.  The instructions were very clear and easy to follow which made a big difference.  I would also say that at £12 a kit they are very good value for money and make ideal birthday or Christmas gifts.  Ballyhoo Toys have several other puppet kits available on their online store including a Robot , Cat and Lion to name but a few.  If you would like to see the other kits and order your own please visit http://www.ballyhootoys.co.uk/catalog/category/view/s/puppet-kits/id/81/

I think it is safe to say that the Spider Puppet Kit was a hit with my boys. 

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