Linicin Prevent Spray

Unfortunately over the last month we’ve experienced the dreaded head lice, yuk!  We’ve never had a problem before and the boys have managed to avoid them.  But this changed a few weeks ago.  I check the boys hair as part of our routine every week and when ever we get the dreaded letter from school informing us there is Head Lice in the school.  

A couple of weeks ago I was going through my usual routine of checking the boys hair before bath time and I was shocked to find Luc had several head lice and seemed to be plastered in eggs.  Yuk is not the word for it!  I had only checked him a few days earlier and he’d been clear so where had they come from?!  I hadn’t noticed him itching at all and when I asked if his head itched he said no.  Luckily I had some treatment here which I always keep as a “just in case” so was able to treat him and his brother’s straight away.  I couldn’t believe how many eggs there were but after what seemed like ages I managed to get rid of all of them and the other two boys had no sign of eggs or head lice.  

The following morning when I returned from the school run I found a package had been delivered by the postman.  Inside was a bottle of Linicin Prevent Spray for Head lice.  What perfect timing.  So over a cup of hot chocolate I sat and read the information that had come with the Linicin prevent spray.According to the information Linicin Prevent Spray is “a new product which is clinically proven t o prevent a head lice infestation (or re-infestation) for at least 7 hours, in high risk environments.  Great for kids and teachers alike”

So the next morning before heading off to school I decided to use the spray on both Luc and Trystan, fingers crossed it would stop the head lice coming back and Trystan from getting them.  The Prevent Spray can be used on children and adults from 2 years of age, is non-toxic and does not contain insecticides and also has a neutral scent.  I checked both boys hair at the end of the school day and no sign of any head lice so I continued to use the spray for the rest of the week.  A week after I had discovered the head lice I retreated all three boys just to make sure they were clear and as suggested by the treatment I had used.  I then decided to continue using the Linicin Prevent Spray for a further week to see if anything reoccurred.

I am pleased to say that today after almost three weeks the boys have remained clear of Head Lice.  We have continued to use the Linicin Prevent Spray as there have been a few letters sent home in the last week about head lice in the school and as they say “prevention is better than cure”.  I personally have been impressed with the Linicin Prevent Spray and will use it again.  Although I think it will be when I know there are headlice in the school.  

The Linicin Prevent Spray retails at around £7.49 and is available both online at   and also from independent pharmacies. Linicin Prevent Spray is part of the Linicin range which also includes Linicin shampoo 10 mins and Linicin Lotion 15 mins.  For further information on the Linicin range and to buy on line please visit

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