Giggle Buddies

Rowan loves dogs at the moment and any kind of toy that is a dog is a huge hit, so you can imagine how delighted he was when we received the Dog Giggle Buddie.  

Since the giggle buddie has arrived the boys and especially Rowan have been playing with him non stop and I think it’s safe to say has been a huge hit.  Rowan has taken the Giggle Dog everywhere with him including on the food shop and school run.  He has activated it and has had lots of attention from other children and parents asking where he got it from.  The older two have also played with it but not to the extent that Rowan has because he has not let them near it!

This cute cuddly dog is activated by a motion sensor in his tummy and he starts to giggle hysterically and bounce around.  You can’t help but smile and laugh along with the giggle buddy, he really is infectious.   

Not only are they going to be a hit with children they are sure to go down well with adults too.  There are four giggle buddies available, a Giggle Monkey, Giggle Pig, Giggle Frog and a Giggle Dog. They retail at between £10 – £14 each and are available from and have free delivery.   Giggle Buddies require 3 AA batteries which are not included.  The Giggle Buddies are for age 3 years plus but Rowan has not had any problems using it.  They make a perfect gift for young and old alike.  Which Giggle Buddy will you choose?

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