Annoying Monsters

We were sent Pestering Percy from the annoying monster collection by  
Annoying Monsters are “super annoying but unbelievably cute monsters,  repeat what you say, fart, burp, laugh, snore and even scream!! just tickle or touch one of their sensors to get them going!

There are six Annoying Monsters to collect and they all have their own annoying features.  Pestering Percy is green and became a hit with all the boys straight away.  The annoying monsters are for ages 3 years plus but Rowan used it with ease under our supervision.  They need 3 AA batteries but are supplied with them which is always a good thing.  They also do have an on/off switch thankfully as they do become “very annoying” after a while but you can’t help but smile at them! 

Trystan quickly worked out that Pestering Percy can record what you say and when Granny called in for a coffee he set about recording her talking then playing it back.  But Pestering Percy takes your voice and makes it annoying!  It took poor granny and I completely by surprise when Trystan played it back.    

Different parts of each annoying monster make different sounds, to activate them just tickle/press the sensors on that part and away you go!  We had to stop the boys taking Pestering Percy to bed though as they were setting him off as they moved around in their sleep!

Each annoying monster costs between £15 and £20.  They are sure to be a hit with your little monsters.

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