Weeks 22 and 23.

Well the weeks are flying by at present.   This last week saw the boys and I going away with my mum (granny) for a few days.  We were very lucky to be given a two night break at Bluestone in Pembrokeshire, thanks to me entering a competition that we didn’t win!! Bluestone very kindly had a number of 2 night breaks for those that had entered which were available on a first come first served basis and I was very lucky to get one.  So last Monday after school and I had finished work, I packed up the car and once dad of 3 was home we waved goodbye and went to pick granny up.  To say the boys were excited was an understatement! Bluestone is only an hour away from us which is fantastic and by 6.30pm we had reached Bluestone and somehow managed to locate our accommodation in the dark!  The accommodation was fantastic, a two storey chalet with three bedrooms,one en suite and a separate shower room.  The boys were a bit puzzled by its upside down layout but I explained it was so we could enjoy the views while we were eating etc.  Trystan was amazed that the kitchen was “stuck to the sitting room” as he said which had granny and I in stitches.  Once we had unloaded the car (I really don’t know where I found the energy as I was shattered) we took the car back to the car park as Bluestone is a car free holiday resort, we made our way into the resort village in search of food.  Fed and watered we then headed back to the chalet, by this time it was gone 9pm so granny and I thought it was well passed bedtime for the boys, though they had other ideas being so excited!  The next morning after breakfast we headed off to the adventure centre which is open to not only those staying at Bluestone but everyone else.  We visited the activity centre earlier in the year and the boys loved it.  They have a Lego room, techniquest room, game zone with wii’s and a huge play area with climbing frames, crazy golf, sandpit and numerous other things.  Those staying at Bluestone have free entry to both the activity centre and Blue Lagoon swimming complex.  After an hour and a half in the adventure centre we headed off with very excited boys to Blue Lagoon for some swimming.  It was fantastic and we all enjoyed two hours there splashing around and having fun, even granny enjoyed and she’s not one for swimming usually.  I think baby must have liked the sensation of being in the water as I had lots of kicks and prods.  We then headed back to the chalet to relax for an hour or two before we headed back to the adventure centre where we were due to go to the Kingdom of the Elves later that evening.  We had a fantastic time and it was nearly 9pm by the time we walked back to the chalet.  Needless to say the boys were exhausted after their non-stop day and went almost straight to sleep.  So granny and I had some time to relax before heading to bed ourselves.  The following morning we had to check out by 10am and it was a close call but we just managed it.  We had promised the boys we would go swimming one last time before heading home so set off for Blue Lagoon.  We had another lovely time swimming but after an hour and a half both granny and I were ready to head home.  
Once home the boys and I spent a lazy afternoon at home relaxing and watching dvds.  I certainly needed a quiet afternoon after all the walking and excitement of the previous few days.  Touch wood my SPD seems to have reappeared so far which is good news for me.  Although walking too far has now started setting off Braxton Hicks which are rather uncomfortable but they go once I stop and have a breather.   Unfortunatley Ive still got my chest infection and a heavy cold but it is starting to ease as bit.  
I’ve started growing out of some of my maternity clothes already, I can’t believe it!  I had given quite a few bits away after having Rowan so only have some bits left but there is already a jumper, some jeans and a couple of tshirts Ive grown out of in my size 8 maternity clothes.  I have quite a few summery things but the weather really isn’t right for wearing them at present and I’m desperate for some warm cosy jumpers to wear over the colder months.  So I guess I’m going to have to start looking. 

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  1. SusanKMann says:

    Glad you are keeping relatively well. Hope your chest infection and cold shifts soon. x

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