Monkey’s Clever Tale – from Child’s Play

Monkey’s Clever Tail is from Child’s Play range of traditional tales with a twist.  Aimed at children between the ages of four and seven these traditional tales come from a variety of different cultures and have been retold with a twist by Andrew Fusek Peters, who is a storyteller, poet and anthologist.  There are six books available in this range.

We were Sent Monkey’s Clever Tail by Child’s Play.  “When Ameerah Monkey wants to cross the rive, she hatches a plot to trick Crocodile into helping her.  But how will she escape being his next meal?  And will Crocodile ever get his pot of Monkey Tail Soup?”  This is an Afro-Caribbean Story.  

This lovely book tells an enchanting tale which had all the boys fascinated and wanting to know what happens next after every page.  I wasn’t sure Rowan would be able to sit all the way through as it is 32 pages long and that’s quite long for a two year old.  However he managed it and seemed to enjoy the tale as much as his brother.  He was especially taken with the fantastic illustrations that were done by Amanda Montgomery.  He loved pointing to Ameerah Monkey and Crocodile on each page.  The boys usually have a story and sometimes two at bedtime, since Monkey’s Clever Tale arrived it has become a popular choice for a bedtime story with the older two who seem to enjoy the tale with renewed enthusiasm each time they hear it.

Monkey’s Clever Tale and the other Traditional Tale’s with a twist books for  £5.99 each,  from Child’s Play  You can also buy each Traditional Tale with a Twist as a set comprising of book and cd for £7.99 each.  

These delightful traditional tales make lovely books to share with your child or grandchild and provide an insight into cultures other than our own.  They would make a great Christmas present or stocking filler.

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