32 weeks

Well last Wednesday saw the 32 week mark arrive and I had to go to the hospital for my growth scan and to see the consultant.  So after we had taken the older two boys to school, myself, dad of three and Rowan all set off for the hospital.  My appointment for the ultrasound was at 10am but we were ten minutes early and very luckily were able to go in more or less straight away. 
The scan itself only took about ten minutes and the sonographer was able to tell us that baby was still head down and now weighed approximately 4lbs 8oz.  We were then asked to take a seat in the waiting area while the sonographer prepared the report for me to take over to the antenatal clinic were I would see the consultant.  By the time we got over the the antenatal clinic it was just after 10am so I went to check in at the reception.  Dad of three and myself hoped we wouldn’t have long to wait to be seen, but how wrong could we have been.  Wednesday seems to be a busy day at the antenatal clinic at the hospital and the waiting area was crowded and only two spare seats.  

After ten minutes Rowan wanted to go for a walk so dad of three took him to the play area but he wanted to go outside so they did a lap of the car park with him!  Why are the seats in the antenatal clinic always so uncomfortable?  I was still waiting when they came back ten minutes later and my back was starting to hurt from the chairs.  Luckily I had some snacks in my bag for an emergency so Rowan sat and had something to eat and drink.  After a further twenty minutes I was called in to see the midwife for the usual routine checks, blood pressure and urine.  Five minutes later I was back in the waiting area, there were a few more empty seats by then but they quickly filled again.  Dad of three took Rowan for another walk as he was getting restless again.  When they got back I decided to go and ask at reception for a rough idea of how much longer it would be until we were seen.  We had seen a few people go in to see both the consultant and the registrar in the hour and a quarter we had been there but there were long gaps in between people being seen.  I asked the midwife at the reception and explained Rowan was getting restless as we had been waiting over an hour.  She went to check through the pile and said that after the one who was currently been seen there was one more before me.  She also explained that I was seeing the registrar.  I asked why this was as I was under the impression it would be the consultant.  The midwife explained that it was the registrar that booked people in for c-sections and the consultant only saw new booker’s unless there was a problem.  I thanked the midwife and went to sit down and relay what I had been told to dad of three.  He decided to take Rowan back to the car for ten minutes as he wasn’t settling and asked me to ring him when my turn came.  

Suddenly there seemed to be more movement and the person in front of me was being called in, so I sent dad of three a text telling him to give it five more minutes then to head back.  Lucky I did this as he and Rowan had just walked in the waiting area when I was called in.  The registrar apologised for the wait and started reading my notes and the report from the scan.  She explained that as this was my fourth section they liked to carry out the c-section a little earlier than my last one (Rowan was delivered at 39 weeks)  She explained she just wanted to check the date with the consultant and would be back in a minute.  As the consultant had someone in with her, the registrar had to wait five minutes before she could speak to her.  When she returned she had the booking book for c-sections with her.  She explained that they would do the c-section at just over 37 weeks! I looked at dad of three with amazement and we asked why that early.  The registrar explained it was due to the fact I had already had three c-sections and that they did not want to put my scar tissue under any undue stress, plus there was a chance baby may try to come early as well being my fourth!  So she started to look through the booking book for a date.  She said the best time would be on March 15th when I was 37 weeks and 1 day because it would be too late to wait until the following Tuesday as I would be 37weeks and 6 days which she felt was too risky.  Dad of three asked why the c-section could not be done on a weekend, the registrar looked at me and I said “typical man” lol.  The registrar explained it was perfectly safe to deliver baby at this stage and she was already a good weight but to be on the safe side I would have to attend the day unit the two mornings prior to the operation in order to be monitored and also I would need two lots of steroid injections to help baby’s lungs as well as having my pre-op appointment.  I asked why the steroid injections and was told it was just a precaution and assured me it would all be okay.  The registrar explained that I would need to be seen again at 35 weeks by herself or another registrar in order for the steroid injections to be ordered ready for me a few weeks later and asked me to make an appointment at the reception.  Dad of three took Rowan for another walk while I went to make the appointment.  I explained about the appointment I needed to the midwife at reception and she made one for three weeks time.  

When dad of three came back we headed for the car.  He asked again about the date for the c-section and explained he may not be able to take all the leave he had planned on taking now as the operation would now a week before what we had anticipated.  He agreed to see what he was entitled too when he went to work the following day.  He headed off to get some lunch before we had to get back for the school run.  

The next day I woke up feeling very uncomfortable and tired.  I think the long period of time I had spent sitting down in both the waiting area and in the car the previous day had given me back ache.  Thankfully Rowan was going to meithrin that afternoon for the first time in almost ten days due to illness and it meant I could put my feet up for an hour or two before school and meithrin finished.  After the school run and the boys had had their snack I decided to do a little ironing as the pile was mounting up.  So once dinner was in the oven I did half an hours ironing before dinner.    Luc had his weekly piano lesson after dinner which dad of three takes him too.  I was feeling really tired and was having some quite uncomfortable braxton hicks before they left so said I would rest on the sofa with the other two boys.  When they got back an hour later I was sat on the bottom stair as was not able to move anywhere else.  The braxton hicks had become more painful.  Dad of three was concerned when he saw me but I assured him I was fine and asked him to get me some paracetamol and I would run bath to see if that helped.  I managed to get up the stairs and ran a bath while dad of three got me some paracetamol and saw to the boys.  Once I had had the paracetamol and was in the bath the braxton hicks subsided and I relaxed.  I had experienced something similar at around 22 weeks and knew it was probably a sign I had over done it.  Dad of three was still concerned though so I promised I would go and rest in bed for the night and if was still having pain the next day I would contact the midwife.  I also realised I hadn’t had much to drink that day so drank lots of water.  The pain had disappeared and I was so much more comfortable.  I think the combination of the last few days had caused the problem.  Baby was moving about lots so I wasn’t too worried. 
I have had to promise both dad of three and my mum that I will slow down and not over do it, it’s a bit difficult realising you can’t do everything you would normally but the last thing I want is to end up in hospital  and putting the baby at risk.  So I have started pacing myself and doing tasks sitting down as I can’t bend down anymore and I am trying to encourage Rowan to walk more or use the pushchair instead of automatically picking him up.  So far it seems to have done the trick and I have had no further pain apart from the usual painless braxton hicks and other pregnancy complaints like acid reflux!  
We are currently on day two of the half term holidays and so far today has been good.  The boys are having a chilled day playing with moshi monsters and bakugan and this afternoon we plan to watch a dvd.  It’s a shame they still have to get up at 7.30am during the holidays, I usually have problems getting them up by 8am for school!  Yesterday was a bit more manic although we had a quiet morning watching tv.  Luc had a birthday party to go to and once I had dropped him off, myself and the younger two popped to tesco for a few bit before lunch.  Then after we had picked Luc up, their uncle (my brother) very kindly  took the older two to the local cinema to watch the new Muppets movie.  So I was able to rest with Rowan before putting dinner on.  Fingers crossed the rest of the week goes relatively quietly.

4 thoughts on “32 weeks

  1. SusanKMann says:

    wow it won’t be long now. Hope the rest of your week was better. x

  2. Elin says:

    Please slow down!! I am glad though you found those seats as uncomfortable as I did. That clinic is a nightmare on a weds. the wards nice though, hope they treat you as nice as they did me xxx

  3. welshmumof3 says:

    Isn’t it just Elin, but its not helped by the consultants/registrars having ten/fifteen minutes inbetween seeing people! oh well one more trip there in a fortnight and that will be last trip to that clinic 🙂

  4. Elin says:

    Thank god. I hated all the waiting round and hard seats at that place- shall not forget my last appointment I had where it was just to be booked in for induction that never happened- no checks NOTHING and I had to wait 2 hours for it when I was supposed to be seen at 9am- no scan before or anything. could have been done over the phone. am still waiting for a reply to my complaint about the consultant too. shall not be there again. home for me if we ever had another!!!

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