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 The Essential One  have very kindly sent me some of their gorgeous clothes and a blanket for the new baby. 

There’s always great excitement here when the postman brings a parcel.  Right from the word go you could tell it had been packaged carefully.  The contents was beautifully packed in scented tissue paper and a copy of their new season’s catalogue was on top.  Once I had carefully opened the tissue paper I discovered some gorgeous pink hats and two pairs of scratch mittens, underneath was a jersey bag also in bright pinks.  

I was so excited these were the first pink items I had for the baby.  I took the hats and scratch mittens out of the box to see what was in the jersey bag.  Inside was a set of five bright pink bodysuits.  Underneath that was another bright pink jersey bag with three sleepsuits inside.  Finally at the bottom of the box was an absolutely gorgeous bright pink baby blanket.

I couldn’t believe how generous the Essential One had been by sending all these gorgeous items, a huge thank you.  Having read through the enclosed catalogue I could see that focus on 100% superfine cotton and all their items are of the highest quality.  I can certainly say that the items they sent me were of high quality and all 100 % cotton.  Not only do their range focus on essential items that you really need for your baby, they are practical and very affordable.  Items are available in first size (7lbs) up to 12 months.  As well as sleepsuits, bodysuits, mittens, hats, baby blankets they also have sleeping bags, snowsuits, cardigan’s and bibs.  I logged on to their website to have a look around at the range.  The website is very easy to navigate and all the items are easy to find.  The Essential One also have items in a variety of colours from white, unisex, bright pinks, pastel pinks, navy blues and blue.  So you are bound to find some in a colour you like.  After having three boys I was delighted to have being sent bright pinks.  Both the website and the catalogue also have handy checklists of essential items you will need for your newborn baby and for your hospital bag for baby.  For those placing an order for the first time the Essential One also very kindly give you a discount code of 10% off your order.  

I’m planning on taking these items in my hospital bag and can’t wait to use them with baby in a few weeks time.  I will let you know how we get on. 

Here are the costs for the items, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that they are very good value for money:

  • Pack of 3 Bright Pink Sleepsuits £18 (including jersey bag)
  • Pack of 5 Bright Pink Bodysuits £15 (including jersey bag) 
  • Bright Pink Cotton Blanket 100cm x 70cm £20
  • 4 Bright Pink Scratch Mittens £3
  • 2 Bright Pink Hats £5

For more information or to place an order please visit The Essential One For those who are on facebook you can also find The Essential One there and keep up to date with offers and news. 

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  1. Elin says:

    lovely items! that blanket is stunning!!!

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