Clinton Cards has Mother’s Day Wrapped up

Mothers Day is fast approaching but worry not Clinton Cards has a great selection of cards, wrap and gifts especially to say ‘Thank you Mum’.  

From Cute and sweet

to comic.  So which ever genre you choice your mum is bound to smile.  Cards range from 99p (both in store and on line) and you can even order a personalised one from £2.79 from Clinton Cards On line but make sure you get in quick to ensure delivery for Mothers Day. 

They also have a range of wrapping paper and gift bags that will melt your mums hearts.  

Gift wrap ranges from £1.75 and is available both in store and on line. 

You will also find a range of gifts from £2.79.  There is the ever popular Me to You and Boffle, to art deco, personalised gifts, experience days and flowersWhatever you decide remember you haven’t long to make your mind up!

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