The Art of Swaddling with Aden and Anais

When I had the older two boys I tried to swaddle them but was very unsuccessfully.  They either managed to wriggle free or they just did not seem to settle.  So when Rowan came along I didn’t even try to swaddle him.  However during this pregnancy I have  read articles in parenting magazines and also stumbling across Aden and Anais  its made me wonder why not try again. 

Aden and Anais make a gorgeous range of swaddling clothes, sleeping bags, washcloth and towel sets and even blankets all made from muslin.   They also have a great section on their website where you can find out more about why swaddle with muslin and the history of muslin.  

I have very kindly been sent a pack of four of their gorgeous muslin swaddles to try when baby arrives.  Each swaddle is 47″ x 47″ and is made from 100% cotton muslin.  

You can see the range for yourself and even buy some by visiting here.
The swaddles are available in single packs which cost £17.95, packs of two at £29.95 and packs of four at £44.95.  All of the swaddles are prewashed so you can use them as soon as they arrive.  All of the swaddles feature gorgeous exclusive designs as well and are available in unisex prints, prints for girls and prints for boys.  The set I was sent was one from the girls selection.  

I was also very kindly sent a set of burpy bibs in the baby cakes design.  As a breastfeeding mum I’m sure they will come in useful and these look great.  Not only can you use them as a burping cloth you can use them as a bib as baby gets older and starts on solids.  Again these burpy bibs are 100% cotton muslin and are prewashed.  A pack of two burpy bibs cost £17.95 and are available here

Finally and very generously Aden and Anais sent me a copy of ‘Swaddle Love’ by Raegan Moya-Jones who is the founder of Aden and Anais.  Swaddle Love is about Raegan’s own experiences of Swaddling her children.  It also contains the history of swaddling, which I have to say I found very interesting and how to swaddle.  I’ve now almost finished reading the book having picked it up only yesterday.  I’ve found it a very enlightening and honest account of swaddling which has made me more determined to swaddle my new baby.  All the boys suffered with colic from one degree to another and they didn’t really sleep through the night until they were well over a year old.  So having now read that swaddling can help babies sleep and relieve colic I certainly feel its worth another go.  Plus the fact that this baby will be my fourth child I feel the need to establish a good sleep routine is essential not just for myself and baby but also for the rest of the family.  

Raegan’s book ‘Swaddle Love’ is well worth a read and is also available from the website priced at £12.95.  Raegan has set up ‘Swaddle Love Foundation’.  The foundation’s goal is to Our goal is to eliminate touch deprivation in orphaned babies across the world”.( taken from the website swaddle love foundation section. For more about swaddle love foundation
Raegan donates all her royalties from her book ‘Swaddle Love’ to the foundation.   

So wish me luck on my swaddling journey and I will let you know how I get on.  


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  1. Elin says:

    Good luck with the swaddling, It hasnt been something that has worked for mine- both being quite ‘independant’ from a young stage where they liked having arms free and free movement for legs etc!!

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