I can’t turn a blind eye, can you?

In recent days we have been brought images and articles via the media of the atrocities that are happening in Syria. How can this be happening I asked myself? The images and words I’ve seen and read have truly shocked me but as hard it has been for me to watch and read I have. Each description of every innocent child who was brutally slaughtered has sent chills through me and I challenge anyone not to have been effected by these events.

Mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and grandparents were left helpless to do anything to protect their innocent children as they were brutally killed. If they were in the way they were killed too. It doesn’t bare thinking about the pain and suffering that is happening. I have children as you know and the thought that it could have been them does not bear thinking about. Unfortunately this is the reality being faced in Houla. We are now aware thanks to the UN that this was not random at all, the militia came under the cover of night and executed their innocent victims.

I feel so strongly about this that I decided not to turn a blind eye but to use my voice. Collectively we can make a noise about the events in Syria and help bring a stop to the fighting and more events like this happening..  It’s hard to find the words to describe the events and the effect they have but if you would like to add your voice you can:

If your on twitter look out for tweets using hash tag #tippingpoint #syria #stopthekilling and re tweet them.

You could blog about it, share posts you’ve read on Facebook, twitter, goggle plus

You can sign the petition from Save the Children

You can sign Amnesty’s petition

Join in the protest of parents, grandparents and children in London on June 10th.  More about the protest can be found at Parentdish

You don’t have to turn a blind eye!

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