Trapped like a mouse in my sister’s house!

Somehow, I managed to volunteer myself to cat sit for my sister, this week. At first I thought okay that’s easy and even easier that there’s some one else to do the other half of the day. Despite the fact that this week happens to be a rather hectic week, for one reason or another, I agreed.

So after the usual school drop off’s, I head off to see to her cat. I’m greeted by a very happy cat, I go about changing the cat litter and giving her fresh food and water.

Erin then decides she needs a feed, so I settle down to feed her. While I’m doing this my sister’s cat decides she wants to play and very obligingly brings me a ball for me to throw for her! I throw the ball and laugh as the cat hurtles after the ball almost colliding with the wall! I turned my attention back to Erin for a moment and the cat is at my side nudging my arm with the ball next to her! So I throw it again and again, and she brings it back to me, clever kitty! My sister didn’t warn me that her cat thinks its a dog! So twenty minutes later, one content baby and one purr-fectly happy cat!

Then I go to leave, with Erin in her pushchair, I do the usual checks and head toward the front door. I go to open the front door, but it won’t open! I try the latch but still the door won’t budge! Trying not to panic I start chatting away to Erin and have a look for any obvious problem. I’m starting to get a bit worried now, I’ve loads to do and have to pick Rowan up early from Meithrin, I need to get out of this house!!

So thinking calmly I ring my mum and see if my dad can come and help me to get out! I manage to catch mum, who thinks its hilarious that I trapped in my sisters house, she puts my dad on the phone and it takes a while to get him to understand that I’m trapped, quite literally, in my sister’s  house and not my own. Then he can’t understand why I can’t put the front door key in the lock from the inside. I explain that I can’t get my hand through the letterbox to reach, even though my hands and arms are quite slim. Finally he says “well I suppose I’ll have to come and help”, yes thank you. I relax and ring “dad of three”, who’s in work some 40 miles away, who thinks the whole scenario if hilarious and literally sounds like he’s wetting himself laughing over the phone. I tell him, “I’ll let him know when we’re out!”, at which point my dad arrives, hurray, I’m finally going to be set free!.

So I’m on the inside, my dads on the outside examining the door, when I suggest I pass the key through the letterbox to see if he can open it from the outside. Yes, success, it works and my dad opens the door. He then takes the key out the lock, steps inside slamming the door behind him and says “what seems to be the problem then?” I look at him and say “what did you do that for?”, “I wanted to see what the problems was!” I just look at him and start laughing as he suddenly realises he’s now trapped in the house too!

Thankfully my mum had come along with dad and was in stitches on the pavement when she realised what my dad had just done. Once she calmed down enough to get to the front door, dad passed her the key and she let us out where she and I started laughing again. All my dad could say was “thats not very clever”!  Im the words of dad of three “it could only happen to you”(me)!

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