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I remember watching Thundercats as a child with my siblings so was excited to discover it was being shown again recently. The boys were taken with it almost immediately and it was great to see an old favourite being enjoyed by my own children. So when Jumbo asked if we would like to have a look at their new Thundercat Jigsaws I didn’t hesitate.

We were sent two jigsaws to have a go at. One 100 pieces jigsaw which also glows in the dark with a recommended age of 6years plus and the other box containing two jigsaws. A 100 piece Hero’s jigsaw and a 70 piece Villain’s jigsaw both with age 5 years plus recommended.

Trystan was keen to make a start as soon as he saw the jigsaws so quickly found a quiet space and made a start. 

He decided he was going to tackle the pack of two jigsaws. He needed a little bit of help to get started (I helped sort out the edged pieces) and he was off and made quick work of completing the 70 piece one. Then made a start of the next one. This one took a bit longer to complete which I think frustrated Trystan but he got there in the end. 

The second 100 piece jigsaw he decided it would be a good idea to put together in his bedroom before bedtime so he could see if it really did glow in the dark. But he was so tired he didn’t actually finish it until the following morning so didn’t get the opportunity to see if it does glow in the dark.

Trystan really enjoyed putting the jigsaws together and needed very little help. He did get frustrated at how long it took him to do the larger two jigsaws but for a six year old he did really well and I explained that with practise it wouldn’t take so long in future.

Even Rowan has enjoyed trying to help his brother’s put the jigsaws together and hopefully as he gets older he will be able to complete them on his own. Luc has yet to have a chance to complete the jigsaw because Trystan has been spending time putting them together and doesn’t want to let his brothers near them until he’s finished!
These fantastic jigsaws can be purchased from all good retailers including Amazon where the Two in a Boxwhere the two in a box currently costs £6.53 and the glow in the dark jigsaw cost £6.64

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  1. Oh gosh… I better not let me other half know about this… he loves Thundercats! lol (he’s a bigger kid than my 2 year old!)

    Love you blog btw x

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