Dallas: Complete Season 1 and 2 dvd box set from Warner Brothers Review

I can’t be the only one who was excited by Dallas being brought back can I?  From seeing all the tweets and status updates the last three weeks I have realised that I am amongst the growing number of Dallas fans.  Channel 5 airing the brand new series of Dallas has brought Dallas to a new generation of viewers and revived the Dallas mania amongst old fans.  I remember watching Dallas with my mum when I was younger and have fond memories of curling up next to her to watch even though I don’t have many memories of story lines.  But of course who can forget the famous “who killed JR storyline” and that is one of my strongest memories.  So when Warner Brothers asked if I would like to review the Complete series 1 and 2 box set for them it was a no brainier for me.  I think it was one of the quickest responses I’ve made!

I eagerly waited for the dvd to arrive and then made dad of 3 laugh when I retreated straight upstairs to start watching.  Right from the first episode of season one I was hooked, That first morning I watched five episodes back to back and when I finally surfaced I was humming the Dallas theme tune! Dad of 3 thought it was hilarious but the next morning he suggested I put on another episode as he would like to watch too, almost three hours later we had watched three episodes!  Dad of 3 is four years older than me and has clearer memories of the first few seasons of Dallas than I do and even he had to admit he enjoyed watching the dvd.  Around the time the box set arrived I started suffering with a nasty ear infection and sinusitis and was finding it difficult to use the laptop or read for long periods of time so whenever the opportunity presented to go and rest I retreated upstairs to watch some more Dallas.  
I have to say by half way through the second season I was saying to dad of 3 “I really don’t know how they waited so long to shot JR!”  After watching the way he treated his long suffering wife Sue Ellen for 15 episodes I already wanted to push him out of his office window! I am now two episodes from having watched the whole of season two and look forward to finishing it. 
For those that don’t know anything about Dallas here is a synopsis for you  “At the heart of Dallas is the Ewing family, a wealthy oil and cattle dynasty embroiled in a fierce battle for power, love and the Southfork ranch. Over the years, the explosive rivalry between brothers JR (Larry Hagman) and Bobby (Patrick Duffy) Ewing, has seen the characters push each other to the edge mentally, physically and financially. With the family fortune in their hands, the Ewing brothers take deception and ambition to a new level in their fight for supremacy. (provided by Warner Brothers) 

Dallas:The complete Season One and Two box set contains 5 dvds is available to buy from all good retailers including Amazon where it currently costs £12.44  This box set would make a great gift for any Dallas fan new or old, they won’t be disappointed.  
Then on September 5th I tuned in with everyone else for the first episode of the new series on Channel 5.   I have also programmed my sky plus to record the weekly episodes so that I don’t miss one.   I was not dissappointed with the first episode either, it was great to see the old cast members and the introduction of the new Ewing generation.  The action kicked off from the word go and promises to keep delivering the explosive rivalry that gripped the nation by the original seasons.  

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Disclaimer: I recieved this dvd in order to undertake this review however the content of the review is my own

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