Tildo City of London Train Set by John Crane Ltd Review

At the end of last week we were sent this delightful wooden train set by John Crane Ltd.  The City of London Train Set comprises of over 50 pieces and is compatible with all major wooden train sets.  This means you can add it to any existing train sets you may already have to create an even bigger set for more hours of endless fun.  
This Train Set features some of London’s famous landmarks along with some trees and bushes, an iconic red London Bus and black cab.  As well as a Police Car and a Fire Engine and of course a train. 

I helped Rowan set out the set in the figure of eight shown above but I am sure you could lay it out differently if you wanted.  Rowan actually took it apart not long after I had put it together and then rebuilt it, I’m sure he just wanted to show me he could build it himself!

He sat and played for over an hour with the train set on Friday afternoon before his brothers came home from school.  It was lovely to see him so enthralled with the set and that it kept his attention for such a long time.  He insisted on leaving it set out so he could show his brothers when we came home from the school run.  I should have anticipated that the older two would want to sit and play with the train set too.  They couldn’t out their coats and bags away quick enough once they saw the train set laid out.  I actually had to tear them away for tea that night and I was actually able to watch something other than children’s television while I made tea.      
The boys asked to leave the set out over night which usually I insist that toys are put away before bedtime each night but as they had played for so long with it I decided to let them kept it out so they could play with it the following morning.  Sure enough Saturday morning after breakfast the boys made a bee line for the train set and spent over an hour playing again. 

The City of London Train Set retails at around £39.99 and is available both on line and at all good toy shops.  A list of stockists can be found here  As you would expect from a John Crane Ltd toy it is made to last and withstand years of play.  Every child should own a wooden train set and the City of London Train Set is sure to delight and entertain them.  

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