Easy Halloween Craft – Hand print spiders

This week I have been making some simple Halloween crafts with the boys and thought I would share it with you all.  

You will need:            

Black Paint
A piece of white paper
A piece of black paper
Some glue
Some googly eyes
Some glitter or a glitter pen                                                


1. Use some black paint and paint one hand all accept the thumb.
2. Take your white paper and place your painted hand on the paper to make a hand print
3.Touch up the paint if need be and turn the paper around to make it easier to make another hand print.
4. Line your painted hand up with the hand print you have already done and make another hand print so the palms of the two prints are on top of each other and you have your basic spider shape.

5. Leave your hand prints to dry
6. Once dry use the glue to stick on two googly eyes to your spiders.   
7. Take your piece of black paper and using the pencil and ruler draw a large cross then draw a diagonal line through the cross so that you have eight segments.
8.  If using a glitter pen like we did go over the pencil marks with the pen.  If using glitter you will need to apply glue and then the glitter along the lines
9.  Then using the glitter pen/glitter draw a curved line between each line joining up to form a circle working your way into the centre.  We made the three circles in total.
10.  You have made a spider’s web
11. Cut out your spider, cut around each leg.

12. Glue the body of the spider and stick it to your spider’s web, leaving the legs free.

An alternative to the spider but again using hand prints is hand print ghosts.

This time you will need:
White Paint
Paint Brush
Black paper
Googly eyes 


1. Using white paint, paint your hand white.
2. Make a hand print on the black paper and leave to dry.
3. Repeat step 2 until you have the required number of ghosts.
4. Once dry using the glue stick on two eyes.

You could cut your ghosts out or leave them on the page as we did.  Maybe you could draw or paint a spooky scene for your ghosts to be stuck on.

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