What sounds do you like to be woken by?

With the mornings set to get darker and colder Holiday Inn discovered two thirds of Brits like to lie in bed longer during the winter months (67%). On average Brits said they sleep in an extra 16 minutes on average during weekends in the winter.
Holiday Inn asked  what they consider to be the scariest noises as Halloween is approaching.  Here is what they found:
Britain’s scariest noises:
1.       Scraping of nails on a chalk board (43%)
2.       The music from the shower scene in Psycho (20%)
3.       The sound of the mother-in-law’s voice (11%)
4.       Rylan from the X Factor singing (10%)
5.       Theme tune from The Omen (9%)
6.       Theme tune from Jaws (5%)
As the clocks go back this weekend Holiday Inn also asked people what sounds they would least like to wake up to at the weekend. An alarm clock was the least favourite wake-up noise with 31% of Brits saying this. Noisy neighbours (17%), kids screaming (16%), the sound of a hairdryer (10%) and roadworks (9%) were also cited as the least favourite noises to wake up Brits at the weekend.
The survey also looked at the nation’s favourite things to wake up to – top of the list was the sun shining through the window (40%), followed by the smell of cooked bacon (18%) and being gently woken by your partner (15%).

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(Information provided by Holiday Inn)

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