Dotty Bots birth to potty nappy

I was recently sent a reusable cloth birth to potty nappy by dottybots to try with Erin.  I was kindly sent Dotty Bots Animal Antics nappy which retails at £8.50.  Each of Dotty Bots nappies comes with one reusable cloth nappy, 1 micro fibre insert and 1 bamboo booster.  

I have previously tried to use reusable nappies with the boys when they were younger but just couldn’t get on with them.  Either they would not fit round the waist so they fell off or they would not fit around the top of the legs so they leaked everywhere.  But with four children I was keen to give reusable nappies another go with Erin.  Mainly as it would save me money in the long run and also I would be helping to cut landfill by using reusable nappies.  

Birth to potty nappies are designed to be used with your child right from newborn all the way up until they are toilet trained.  This is done by having three rows of poppers on the nappy which you simply adjust as your child grows.  So for a newborn/small baby you would snap the lower row of popped up to the top row of poppers and so on.  There is also a row of poppers along the top of the nappy and in the case of Dotty Bots nappies there is a second row of poppers along the top of the leg.  To secure the nappy on your child you place your child in the nappy and fold the sides over (they also have poppers on the sides to secure to the top rows of poppers) and adjust accordingly.  The second row of poppers at the top of baby’s leg enables you to adjust the fitting around your child’s leg, so there is no gaping or leaking.  As your child grows you simply adjust the fitting around the waist and top of the leg, simple. 

The nappy comes secured with a cardboard band (which you can recycle) which on the reverse provides you with instructions for using the nappy and also washing instructions and hints for when you need to change babies nappy when using reusable nappies. 
The Animal Antics design is a fun unisex print, Dotty Bots has a range of prints available on their website so you are bound to find some that you like, both gender specific or unisex prints.  We got on really well with the nappy we were sent and Erin seemed to be very comfortable wearing them.  I found that I did not need to change her nappy as often as I would with a disposable nappy.  I even found that if Erin was a bit sore it would clear up when using a reusable nappy.  I only wish I had discovered birth to potty nappies when the boys were younger.  They are so easy to use and I have not experienced the issues I had previously with reusable nappies.    
For more information about Dotty Bots and the nappies they have available please visit their website You can also find Dotty Bots on facebook  Dotty Bots were award a Gold Award by BizzieBaby 2011-2012 for Reusable cloth Nappy.  

Disclaimer:  I was sent an Animal Antics Reusable Cloth Nappy for the purpose of this review.  However the opinions expressed in the review are 100% my own.

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