Spiderman baby pedal car giveaway

I was thrilled when Totcars  got in touch to ask if I would like to work with them again on another fantastic giveaway for my followers.  Totcars are very kindly going to give one of my very lucky followers a Spiderman Baby Pedal Car from their new range of baby pedal cars.    
This fantastic baby pedal car is suitable for children under the age of 3 years old.  Is made under licence from Marvel in Italy.  It is a push pedal car and has all authentic real car badges and stickers.  The body work is made from Tough Polyethylene making it flexible and very strong. 
Steel Chassis
Sports steering wheel
Wing mirrors
The dimensions of the car are:
Weight: 4.9 kg
Height: 43.5 cm
Length: 57 cm 
The Spiderman baby pedal car comes fully assembled and all you have to do is attach the steering wheel and it ready for your child to cruise around in.  This fantastic pedal car is bound to be hit with any Spiderman fan and with Christmas fast approaching, imagine the delight on your child’s face to find their very own car under the tree. For further information on the pedal car please visit here

I love the fact that each of Totcars cars come with a replica MOT certificate, driving licence, Tax certificate and registration plate stickers to complete the driving experience for your tot.  The attention to detail is amazing.  

There are three baby pedal cars in the range all retailing at £69.00 with free 24 hour delivery.  The other cars in the range are Batman Baby Pedal Car and Lightning Mcqueen Baby Pedal Car. 

Not only are Totcars giving away a Spiderman Baby Pedal Car they have also given me a special code for you to get £10 off any of the baby pedal cars in the range.  To take advantage of this great offer use the code MUMOF3BOYS at the checkout until 5th December 2012.

To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic spiderman baby pedal car complete the form below,  good luck

Open to UK residents only and all entries will be verified.

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104 thoughts on “Spiderman baby pedal car giveaway

  1. my son love spiderman! why? i dun know! he just love superheors that can save people

  2. Emmysmummy says:

    Emmy thinks Daddy is a real life super hero as he saved her from monsters during her night terrors

  3. The girls all love the avengers as its their dads favourite. Molly liked being iron man best as he can fly!

  4. Oooooh – is tree fu tom a super hero? No? Ok well then I think Spiderman and Batman are the faves here x

  5. John Taggart says:

    Batman because he loves the batmobile

  6. Chris says:

    superman……..he thinks it’s superdad

  7. my grandson loves all superheroes but if i have to choose probably superman as he can fly!

  8. donna davis says:

    Spiderman cos he gets all the baddies

  9. Sonya Cisco says:

    Super Martian Robot Girl from Yo Gabba Gabba! I think he likes the theme tune! To he also looks cool in his Batman top!

  10. Louise says:

    At the moment it is spiderman – I have no idea why as I dont think hes even seen anything with spiderman on 0- must be from his friends

  11. Kim says:

    My little girl loves Buzz Lightyear….She loves him because he can fly and is such a hero 🙂

  12. maci234 says:

    spiderman is a big favourite with his climbing and webbing

  13. Not a super hero but Mike the Knight! He loves him! @xxfluffywhitexx

  14. hayley says:

    At the moment its spiderman but it changes frequently!

  15. elff73 says:

    iron man, because of the gadgets!!!!!

  16. my son loves batman he just loves the outfit

  17. Krypto the super dog 🙂


  18. Sue McCarthy says:

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this to donate to a childrens charity.

  19. laura banks says:

    spiderman he loves him

  20. mummy24 says:

    My son loves spiderman – he always goes straight for the spiderman toys in toys r us! Not sure why he just seems to! I follow with gfc as mummy24


  21. Emma Howard says:

    My son’s favourite is Batman because he loves playing with his Batcave

  22. My son loves Ben 10! My Daughter loves anything her brother loves!

  23. Esther James says:

    Does Tree Fu Tom count? Lol. Its her favourite programme on cbeebies

  24. legs21 says:

    Batgirl She’s a strong female character with photographic memory, super smart

  25. mandy waller says:

    Its spiderman because he loves him and acts out all the moves bless him

  26. saurus says:

    Spiderman- but will all change with the next big film that comes out!

  27. Hotrod mum says:

    Goggle friends connect hotrod mum
    name katrina day-reilly

  28. Hotrod mum says:

    spiderman as he shoots webs

  29. Cat Thomas says:

    He loves Homer Simpson lol 🙂

  30. anna m. says:

    buzz lightyear cos they think he is cool

  31. Elizabeth Williams says:

    My son’s superhero is his daddy at the moment as he is big and strong and saves him from the monsters under his bed

  32. Lisa Day says:

    Spiderman because he can swing from building to building and he loves dressing up as him.

  33. cachexia says:

    Batman cause he has a cool car apparently!

  34. Spideman as he loves crawling around like him 🙂

  35. Samantha says:

    Spiderman as he can swing from all the buildings

  36. mymillsbaby says:

    My other half. He solves all my problems – cheesy hey? Great competition – thanks so much for holding it. This would be awesome for Dexter x

  37. Anonymous says:

    ghost rider because,she says hes cool.

  38. Tracy Hanley says:

    my granddaughter loves buzz light year

  39. Tracy Hanley says:

    Following with GFC – tracy hanley

  40. tocreviews says:

    My little boy has always loved spiderman since being really little

    Tiffany Oconnell


  41. tocreviews says:

    GFC and networked blogs Tiffany Oconnell

  42. tinatwo1961 says:

    batman, he is engrossed with the old series because of the bamm thud and other words

  43. My youngest is spiderman obsessed, I think it must be because he’s obsessed with spiders. Every day he comes back from preschool with another bundle of spider drawings!!! Very cute spiders though, with little eyes and a few too many legs! He’d be overjoyed with this, thank you.

  44. I follow via networked blogs x

  45. renae says:

    batman..loves the suit lol

  46. renae says:

    following by networked blogs

  47. anna8301 says:

    Spiderman, because he is cool

  48. anna8301 says:

    I follow via networked blogs

  49. tabbaz123 says:

    Spiderman – tells me he wants to make a web and catch sweets in it!

  50. rachael jones mann says:

    batman , all his cool gadgets !

  51. Mummybird says:

    Has to be spiderman with his cool webs that fly out of his hands 🙂

  52. Lexie loves Mrs Incredible 🙂

  53. milkpetal says:

    D’s a bit young to have a favourite just yet. I’m sure if he could talk he’d say his daddy is his super hero though 🙂

  54. Carolin says:

    Does Mr Tumble count?! 🙂

  55. HelenRemi411 says:

    not really a super hero but my son loves Dora the explorer lol!

  56. Not a super hero but Thomas says Fireman Sam is his hero x

  57. Do Skylanders count, they help save Skylands after all 🙂 If not eldest also loves Mario and he saves Peaches x

  58. Maxx loves spiderman because he can climb walls 🙂

  59. Catherine McAlinden says:

    Captain Adorable from Gigglebiz, they think he is funny.

  60. Kara Guppy says:

    Batman – as he drives a cool car and bike and has lots of superhero friends!!

  61. Dillymum says:

    My littleone doesnt have a favourite super hero but he loves Mickey mouse

  62. Joanne Pooley says:

    My little man is too young to understand super heroes but adores Peppa Pig

  63. sarah clegg says:

    spiderman- which started from a love of bugs esp spiders thenhe saw the film and became obsessed lol

  64. kimberley robinson says:

    my youngest just loves spiderman

  65. At the moment my son adores Peppa pig lol hardly a hero but Peppa and George are my sons heroes x

  66. Anonymous says:

    spider-man because he can shoot webs (posted by kieran)

  67. blogginmummy says:

    This car looks amazing. My little man would love this. Fingers crossed

  68. Homebird says:

    None at the moment but he does like the guys on The Rhyme Rocket much to my dismay 😉

  69. Homebird says:

    Follow through GFC as happy homebird

  70. My boys both think Batman is great because he can fly, he has an awesome car and loads of cool gadgets!

  71. emmaspeers says:

    my son loves spiderman and keeps trying to rescue his younger sister but it doesnt look quite the same as a spiderman rescue lol

  72. Fiona Martin says:

    Love this – my little boy loves Spiderman – fab prize!!

  73. Fiona Martin says:

    I’m following on GFC

  74. Tina Holmes says:

    Spider-Man he loves to pretend to shot webs!

  75. My monster is spdier-man obsessed at the minute!

  76. hoopie says:

    not really a superhero, but he loves Fireman Sam


  77. Louise says:

    has to be captain America or batman here not sure why but i think it has something to do with their costumes x

  78. Isis1981uk says:

    Not really a superhero but he loves Mike the Knight – he’s too young really for proper superheroes.

  79. Anonymous says:


    greig spencer


  80. VeeJay78 says:

    Wonder woman, just like her Mummy!

  81. My god son loves Spiderman especially the new one! xoxo

  82. Spiderman, I think he likes it cos he can run up buildings & don’t have to take the stairs, well that’s why I like him 😉

  83. krnries says:

    My little one asks if Father Christmas is a Superhero, otherwise, Princess Pea out of Super Why

  84. Hannah says:

    I’m not sure he has a superhero favourite yet but if you asked him he would say Mater was his hero.

  85. Nicola Seary says:

    My 3 year old loves Spiderman at the moment but it changes quite often it was originally Superman then changed to Iron Man.

  86. Our Grace’s is TinkerBell. She says she loves her because ‘She is not afraid to say what she thinks’

  87. Followed with GFC as Phyllis Ellett

  88. dragon60 says:

    my Gd loves princess’ not superhero’s, hope that counts!

  89. dragon60 says:

    following as GFC sian hallewell

  90. Jenni says:

    superman as he’s the original flying hero!

  91. Kristy Brown says:

    Ben 10, cos he can change into lots of heros

  92. Batman, because daddy loves him.

  93. Cute Aprons says:

    Ben 10 because he can turn into Humungasaur and he is so big he’s even bigger than the world!!!!

  94. Spiderman because he can climb walls

  95. my son loves spiderman and batman

  96. SWEETRABBIT says:

    Spiderman is the best.

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