Spooky Watching with Warner Brother’s – not just for Halloween

During the October half term we were very kindly sent a fantastic package by Warner Brothers containing some spooky dvd’s ready for Halloween.  The weather over the half term break left a lot to be desired so to have a few dvds to keep the boys entertained was very welcoming. 
We were sent:
Tom and Jerry Trick & Treat – “20 eerie episodes plus 2 bonus episodes, your goody bag will be overflowing with fun! Tricks and Treats at every turn from Egypt to Transylvania, from creepy houses to haunted forests, the hair raising hilarity is non-stop! Our favourite cat and mouse mingle with ghosts, mummies, warewolves and witches in these terrific tales.  Of course Tom and Jerry have a bounty of tricks up their own sleeves as well!  Fear not, the chase is on! It’s scare-iffic good time for the whole family” (Taken from the dvd synopsis)
Tom and Jerry Trick & Treat is available from all good retailers for £5.99 including amazon.  Both Dad of 3 and myself enjoyed Tom and Jerry in our youth and we have been pleased to see the boys discovering the delights of Tom and Jerry’s mischief.  We all throughly enjoyed these spoky offerings and they certainly made us all laugh. 
Big Top Scooby Doo – an original movie – “when scooby Doo and gang hear of a warewolf plaguing a travelling circus.  They go undercover as circus performers to get to the bottom of the mystery.  Things soon go from bad to worse when the number of werewolves start increasing.  and the members of mystery Inc. realise they might be in danger of turning into these monstrous beasts themselves!  (Taken from the dvd synopsis)  Big Top Scooby Doo retails for £7.75 and is available from amazon as well as other retailers. 
As most of you will know the boys love Scooby Doo and this new movie kept them glued to their seats throughout.  This new offering didn’t disappoint us.  This is a must for all Scooby Doo fans.   
Ben 10  Destroy all Aliens – “Ten-year-old Ben Tennyson is finally back from his summer vacation, and his life is a mess! Humiliated by his teacher, harassed by bullies, grounded by his parents, and cursed with a malfunctioning Omnitrix that’s vaporizing his homework, Ben jumps at the chance to get away from it all at the Total Alien Immersion training program on the far side of the galaxy.  Little does Ben  know that total immersion means he can never turn human again. Crashing back to earth and stuck in his alien forms, Ben becomes the target of an all-new evil alien, Retaliator, engaging in a deadly cross-world battle, where nothing is as it seems.” (Taken from the dvd synopsis) Ben 10 Destroy all Aliens retails for £5.99 and again you can buy from all good stockists including amazon
Ben 10 is something the older two boys have enjoyed for a while.  I think the fact Ben 10 is a young boy who battles aliens is something all little boys would love to do!  Ben 10 Destroy all Aliens kept all three boys entertained and having watched it they quickly disappeared to get their Ben 10 figures out to recreate the action!
Lego Hero Factory – Savage Planet “The Hero Factory is a place where the most advanced and skilled heroes of the universe are built with one purpose — to save the world from evil.
When rookie Rocka responds to a distress signal sent from Aldous Witch, who has crash-landed on a far-away planet, he suddenly goes missing. Stormer, Furno, Nex, Bulk and Stringer are sent to find him, only to discover that Aldous Witch has transformed into the evil Witch Doctor, and that he has ransformed a once beautiful planet into a deadly wasteland set on destroying everything on it… including the Heroes.” (
Taken from dvd synopsis)  You can buy Lego Hero Factory – Savage Planet for £7.49 from here at amazon or at all good stockists. 
The older two boys were introduced to Lego Hero Factory back at easter when their cousins gave them a lot of their old Lego Hero Factory figures which they had outgrown.  The boys go through a phase of spending lots of time making the figures and playing with them and then will leave them alone for a few days before returning to them again.  Luc and Trystan inform me that they have seen the Lego Hero Factory on the children’s chanels on sky and that its “cool” so this dvd was a huge hit with them.  Rowan did sit and watch it in parts but it did not grab his attention as the other three dvd’s had. 
Although we were sent the dvds with Halloween in mind they have been watched several times since then and have even been taken to their grandparents house for sleepovers!  It’s been nice to be able to enjoy old favourites such as Tom and Jerry and Scooby Doo while at the same time the older boys have loved discovering new adventures with new favourites.  A big thank you to Warner Brother’s for providing us with entertainment during the wet half term days and beyond. 
Disclaimer: We were sent the dvd’s by Warner Brothers for the purpose of the review.  But the views expressed in this review are 100% my own

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