Meet Diamond Fire – our Skylander

Ever since the boys first saw Skylanders last year they have done nothing but talk about them.  They come home from school telling me about their latest adventures and the games they played at playtime.  They have even persuaded me to have a skylander app on my mobile phone.  So when we saw Tots100’s latest competition to create a brand new Skylander character with the chance to join Team Skylander, the boys got out their pencils to get creative.  
Both the older two boys were keen to have a go at creating a new Skylander character.  However it was Trystan who spent several evenings trying out different ideas until he was happy with his character.  Finally last night he was happy with his character and here he is.  This is Diamond Fire
Diamond Fire
Diamond Fire is made of diamonds and precious stone.  He’s comes from the centre of the earth.  One of his eyes is red (ruby) and the other is blue(Sapphire).   When summoning his attack one of Diamond Fire’s hand becomes a flame which then turns back to diamond once attack is finished. 
Diamond Fire’s abilities and powers are:
Ultra Sharp (moves with lightening speed, precise movements).  
He moves with almost eagle like behaviour (swooping and darting across the land).
Diamond Smash (he points his arms towards the ground to raise diamonds from the centre of the earth, smashing the enemy between them).
Earth camouflage (he sinks into the ground, allowing him to move under the ground and then take his enemy’s by surprise by appearing behind them.  He can surprise up to six enemy’s in one go/move)
Earth wave (by banging his arms into the ground he sets off an earthquake like action that knocks anyone or thing in its path off their feet).
Black Diamond, draws a black diamond out of the ground creating an earth whirlpool sucking everything within range into the ground, they then reappear as black diamond statues.  

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for Trystan in the competition

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