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Since I have had the children I very very rarely wear high heeled shoes, its one of dad of three’s pet hates as he feels I should wear heels more often.  My argument that heels just aren’t practical with young children and childminding.  However with a meal out for Mother’s Day this weekend and a christening to attend in the next few months I’ve really had to start looking for an outfit or outfits to wear.  Which in turn means finding the perfect shoes to match.  
I also don’t tend to wear dresses much, I’m nearly always in the uniform of mums, jeans and tops or black trousers.  But I have started to get a bit bored of wearing the same old thing so when I’m not working I am trying to wear more skirts and also the odd tunic dress.  Something that’s practical yet fresh and different from what I wear daily.  
I also hate shopping for shoes with a passion because I have small narrow feet and finding shoes that fit can be hard especially locally.  So I have resorted to searching on line and then at least I can return shoes if their not suitable.  While looking on line I came across these dresses which I love.  
Joules Macee Spot Print Dress
This lovely Joules Macee Spot print dress costing £59.95 I could dress this up if I wanted and mix and match accessories.  My sister is great for giving me ideas for this.  Plus I could wear it for various occasions. 
Warehouse Bow Print Key hole Tea Dress
I also like this Warehouse Bow Print Key Hole Tea Dress costing £36.00  again this is a practical dress which I could wear again and again.  
LK Bennett Palmita Patent Asymmetric strappy sandels
The shoes well that took me a bit longer to find some I liked but I came across a  few lovely few lovely pairs from the LK Bennett range.  These Palmita Patent Asymmetric strappy sandels would work well with both dresses and would be a bit of a compromise with a kitten heal so not too high but not flat either.  
L.K Bennett Florete Suede point Court shoes
These L.K Bennett Florete suede point court shoes are also nice also a higher heal than the previous pair.  I’ve been told that it’s good to have a pair of nude coloured shoes that will compliment almost any outfit! 
L.K. Bennett Suki Patent Leather ballerina pumps
Then for a splash of colour I really like these L.K Bennett Suki Patent Leather ballerina pumps  although I know dad of three would hate them as he really doesn’t like ballerina pumps, but then he doesn’t have to wear them does he!
So many decisions to make and so much choice, maybe I need to be adventurous and opt for heels to make a change.

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