Easter holidays and choosing activities for the family

With the Easter holidays fast approaching my thoughts have turned to what we can do to occupy the children over the break.  With the children all being still quite young and being a family of six now any thoughts of going abroad during holiday periods is out of the question.  So we tend to look to stay in the local area.  However wherever possible we look to stay somewhere nearby.  

Local beach

The older boys have asked if again this year we can go and explore more castles as they thoroughly enjoyed doing this last year.  It really is amazing how many castles we have within an hour or so drive from us.  So now we are starting the process of looking at various books and leaflets trying to identify which ones we would all like to visit.  While looking at some tourist information sites we’ve realised that there is quite a lot of other places we would like to visit near several castles.  So it really does look like it would be a good idea to find somewhere that’s family friendly to stay for a few days.  That way we could visit several places over the course of a few days without having to travel too much.  The older two boys have also reached that age where staying somewhere new for a few days is really exciting for them which also makes the whole experience nicer.  

Pembroke Castle

While searching on the Internet I came across a company called Wales-Cottages and they had lots of lovely cottages available for Easter  I was quite surprised at the range of different self catering properties available throughout Wales.   I was also pleasently surprised at the cost of the cottages, many of which were not out of our price range.   I was able to search by area for suitable properties and also by availability.  There are also some quick links that you can choose from to save using the search facitilty, such as Summer cottages, Cottages with hot tubs or Cottages near the beach.  Once you have found a cottage that suits your needs you can click on it to find out more details.  Such as photographes of the cottage, a map of the cottage location and also things to do nearby.  All very helpful for planning a break for the whole family.  

We certainly now have lots to think about for the Easter holidays and have identified several places we could stay at while we explore the surrounding areas.  I’m really looking forward to the Easter holidays now and just hope the weather clears up a bit to enable us to make the most of exploring parts of Wales we haven’t previously.  

This post was brought to you by Wales Cottages. 

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