Pintoy Mobile Crane from Dillon’s ToyBox review

Just before the Easter holidays the lovely people at Dillon’s ToyBox sent the boys a Pintoy mobile crane to play with.  We love wooden toys here and love getting new ones to try out and play with.  

When the Mobile Crane arrived the boys were eager to play with it straight away.  We have a few other wooden construction toys, they have proved a huge hit and are some of the most played with toys here.  So I had high hopes for the mobile crane.  When I took the mobile crane out of the box I could see that it had been extremely well made and the attention to detail was fantastic.  The wheels even have rubber tyres on them, making them realistic but also mean you can play in sand and water to the crane too.  The paintwork on the crane is also so true to the detail on real cranes and trucks which just add to the high quality and play value of the mobile crane. 

Luc and Rowan went to get the other construction toys out, with having the mobile crane it meant they now had three vehicles so had one each to play with.  However they hadn’t envisaged Erin wanting to join in! As soon as she spotted her brothers playing with the mobile crane, figures and other construction toys she made a bee line for them and placed herself in between them to join in.  Erin was particularly taken with the mobile crane and spent a good ten minutes looking at it one way and another before starting to push it along the floor.  It was actually really interesting to watch how Erin played with the toys compared to her brothers, she spent more time working out how the crane arm moved and how the vehicle moved.  While Luc and Rowan quickly started playing with the set as a whole and set about reenacting how they thought  construction site works.   Spending time using the mobile crane for lifting and transporting Lego duplo and other things they could find.  At one stage Erin actually took the mobile crane and turned her back on her brothers so she could play independently, however she soon returned to join them.  

I asked the boys what they liked about the mobile crane and Luc was quick to tell me it let him move items around rather than being limited by the stationary crane they have.  He also said it meant he and his brothers could each have something from the set to play with so they didn’t argue over them now!.  So I think it’s pretty fair to say the Mobile Crane has been a welcome addition to the boys construction toys and will be played with just as much as the other construction toys.  

The Pintoy Mobile Crane costs £19.95 and can be found here at Dillon’s ToyBox where you can also find other items in the Pintoy construction series.  I think this is a very reasonable price for a wooden toy which is made to the high quality that Pintoy have made the mobile crane.   

Disclaimer: I was sent the Mobile Crane for the purpose of this review, however the views expressed within the review are my own. 

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